Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Data Exhaust: Predicting Midterm Election Shenanigans

Here it is, seven or so weeks before the midterm elections, and I was curious what the "twitterverse" shows. Based upon the organization and vitriol of almost every social media pundit besides Sentator Ted Cruz, it would appear that the Democrats are winning the battle of whipping their base into a frenzy to keep the Senate. My prediction, this far out, just looking at the numbers, indicates the Senate will probably be close to a 50-50 split. I figured I'd put this in writing now, and live with the consequences, come what may. Here's my map of the twitterverse:
Certainly, something might happen in the next few weeks to dramatically sway voters one way or the other. Call it gamesmanship, media bias, guerrilla warfare by either the DEMS or the REPS, you name it. But given the element of sheer desperation from the DEMS, I predict some serious pre-election shenanigans. Question is, will they backfire?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hacking Silicon Valley With…A Billboard Near Oracle HQ

Yesterday, the following billboard appeared near the Oracle HQ in Silicon Valley (Northbound, left side of road). It should be self explanatory. On July 31st, I posted a piece on "Hacking Wall Street" (read the article here). That got me thinking, which is why I created this 14-foot by 48-foot billboard for my client.

Go ahead. Check out http://www.SincerelyChristopher.com and see what a "tactical nuke" in the PE/M&A world looks like.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Should Home Depot Contract With Israeli Intelligence?

The real security guru, Brian Krebs, broke the story of Home Depot's being hacked in a bigger heist of credit card info than Target (read the story here). Given the abysmal failure of the FBI, Homeland Security, and those whacky guys at the NSA (who sit on zero-day information for their own use, rather than behave properly and alert software manufacturers), Home Depot may want to send an emissary hat-in-hand to visit Mossad headquarters and contract some serious anti-piracy offensive measures. Per my last posting about Israel being our last great hope for solving cyber misbehavior (see the story here), I don't see that Home Depot has another choice. Well, they don't have a choice as long as U.S. cybercrime law has us playing the game with both hands tied behind our backs. Go Israel!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Israel, The Most Attacked Country in the World, Will Likely Solve Cybercrime One Gorilla Costume at a Time

In today's Wall Street Journal (page A3, see yesterday's online article here), the FBI admits that 61% of their 56 field offices have run into "severe" or "moderate" poaching by other federal law-enforcement agencies. I had to laugh, given my previous posts on FBI incompetence (do a query on "FBI" in the left-hand search box to see my litany of FBI stupidity over the years). The only bright side of the coin is in data exhaust coming out of Israel (see one link here). My previous net-net on Israel as "the last great hope for cyber security" is here. Furthermore, my argument for Israel being our last great hope is proven in the following statement:
The most attacked country in the world is the most highly motivated to REALLY solve the problem.
Therefore, I would NOT be surprised to see the following headline and news story in the very near future:

Islamic teenage hacker found in San Francisco phone booth drugged, and wearing nothing but the top half of a gorilla costume. 
AP, December 25, 2014, SAN FRANCISCO — Eighteen year old Mohammed Finkelstein, formerly Jewish but an avowed convert to Islam, is now recovering in a local hospital after being found naked from the waist down, wearing nothing but the top half of a gorilla costume while duct taped inside one of San Francisco's few remaining telephone booths. Bystanders report him screaming about a visit from Mossad agents who accused him of trying to hack Israeli defense computer systems.
A local FBI field agent, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that such activities by any foreign government on US soil were a clear violation of cybercrime laws as well as of U.S. sovereignty, and that such incursions would not be tolerated by the U.S. Justice Department. However, the assertion was rebutted by an anonymous source from Homeland Security, who said, "The FBI couldn't find their rear ends with both hands, and the Department of Homeland Security would be taking lead in the investigation." The investigative landscape was further muddied by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who insisted the brandishing of automatic weapons by the alleged Mossad agents constituted a clear mandate for them to take action.
In the meantime, the victim's father Rabbi Aaron Finkelstein, made a rather terse statement: "I'd personally like to thank those involved with the intervention in my wayward son's cyber misconduct. He shared with his mother and me just this morning that his conversion to Islam was not sincere; he just wanted to push our buttons. Thank heaven someone is doing more than playing cyber security defense, and are actually going after intruders."
Yo Israel, I say don't disappoint me. Nobody in the U.S. is up to the real task at hand.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Androids Can Catch Cyberthieves; iPhones Can't. Period.

Today's ZDNet Tech had the headline, "Five things Android smartphones have that are unlikely to come to the iPhone6" (see article here). With due respect, this article completely misses the boat. The one reason I have an Android (Galaxy S4) is it's ability to record and store phone calls locally. iPhones will NEVER be able to do that. Sure, you can subscribe to third-party services for outbound calls, but what a pain! How about those inbound calls from scammers?

On April 16th of this year (see my article here), I posted A Modest Proposal for Going on the Offensive With Internet Scammers. I even shared a television interview I did, hoping the FBI would take the hint and really "put a check in the swing" of the bad guys. Fat chance.

So for your continuing enjoyment, following is the final phone call I had with an Internet scammer trying to overpay me for a grand piano and have me send the excess funds back to them. Sure, they were willing to wait for the fraudulent check to clear before I sent them the money. Of course, when the company against whose account the bogus check was issued got their bank to reverse the transaction, I'd be out the $5,000 overpayment. I recorded my final  "got'cha" call with the scammer on my Android. Here it is (and I'm displaying the UK and US phone numbers of the scammer, in case anybody wants to do some triangulation and make life…er…interesting for the crooks:
I've been a die-hard iPhone fan since the beginning. And it's the only phone I'd buy for my wife. But for anyone with a measurable technological IQ, I recommend an Android (even though they suck battery life faster than a dozen iPhones).