Friday, April 17, 2015

Dear President Putin, How About a Peek at Hillary's Emails?

Former Canadian "spy boss" kind of confirms my assertion that major state players, like Russia, probably didn't let Hillary Clinton's State Department home-based Email server go untouched (read yesterday's UK Register story here). The most notable quote:
"Russian nationalism and organised crime are being assisted by Russian state security," Boisvert told El Reg. "The red lines have gone because of Ukraine. Organised crime is being told they can disrupt Western interests."
While I suspect President Putin's reluctance to release Hillary's Emails is probably his vote in the 2016 presidential election—he figures he could use her Emails to get what he wants out of the US's first female president—I suggest to the Russian leader that sitting on them may lose him long-run leverage if Mrs. Clinton does not win either the nomination or the election.

Paraphraising Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry dialogue, "In all the upheavals taking place around the world, do you punk capitalists really think Russia isn't the world cyber power we claim to be? Drop the economic sanctions now, or I'll take out Clinton's campaign before it even gets started. Think I'm bluffing. Come on, punk. Make my day."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hacking the 2016 Presidential Race with ZeroDDT: No National Debt, No Deficit Spending, and No Income Taxes!

Product Details
A guy nobody's ever heard of, Scott Smith, just published his outline for eliminating the national debt, deficit spending, and income taxes (check it out on Amazon here).  Here's the review I posted on Amazon:
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
Having just finished Brad Thor's HIDDEN ORDER, which gives an excellent history of the Federal Reserve System and its creation, Scott Smith's 2016 presidential platform — A NOBODY FOR EVERYBODY IN 2016 — absolutely inspired me. Problem is, we can't even get all the states to agree whether or not Daylight Savings Time should be continued or abolished. The only hope for Scott Smith is voter dissatisfaction with a Clinton-Bush ticket in 2016. But a populist movement for ZeroDDT (Zero National Debt, Zero Deficit Spending, and Zero Income Taxes) could actually sweep Scot Smith into the White House. A guy named Adam Smith wrote WEALTH OF NATIONS. His namesake Scott Smith, who paid his dues on Wall Street and has several successful companies under his belt, wrote what I believe is the sequel to Adam Smith's tour de force. The ideas are simple enough for a low-information electorate to grok, yet well-enough developed to have the skeptical economist smacking himself in the forehead and exclaiming, "Damn! Why didn't I think of that?" Worst case, Scott Smith should at least be given Nobel consideration for his contribution to Economics. I'd dearly like to see Freakonomics gurus Dubner and Leavitt, or Wall Street icon Warren Buffett comment on ZeroDDT. I do know a "friend of a friend" and a former high-ranking Fed manager, characterized ZeroDDT as "…a great idea that will never fly." We'll see, eh?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Cyber-Jihadist Attack on French TV5Monde Either Inside Job or False Flag Operation

Rick Bennett as Forest Gump
At the risk of "Forrest Gumping" today's WSJ story (read it here) about cyber-jihadists hacking TV5Monde and blacking out 11 channels across the world for several hours—ie; over simplifying the reality—I say hogwash! There has not been a single verified instance of competent Islamic hackers. Ever. The reality as I see it:

  1. This was an INSIDE JOB, not out of the question given the number of Islamists now populating France. 
  2. But more likely, IMHO, this was a False Flag Operation. Probably Russian, as Vladimir Putin courted economic support from Islamic interests.
Either way, I can't wait to see which of the above scenarios is validated. There won't be a third.

On the bright side, I also can't wait to see whether it's the Islamic State or North Korea that releases all of Hillary Clinton's email. Islamic State release would be a Russian false flag operation, and North Korea would be a Chinese false-flag operation. Quoting Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates…" Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Emails Secure as…White House Emails; Putin to Begin Daily Prayers.

Hillary Rodham Clinton
So the Russians had access to White House emails, according to yesterday's Computerworld story (Read it here). What then, pray tell, are the odds that Hillary Clinton's State Department emails, hosted on her own server but which we are assured was put in place  by Bill's White House cyber wizards, are not also in the hands of President Putin? They are probably the exact opposite of the odds that President Putin will have a strong vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.Were I President Putin, I'd truly want Hillary to become POTUS. I might even take up prayer to make that happen. Amen.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hacking the Utah Air Quality Equation

On March 31st, the Salt Lake Valley's air quality problem seemed insurmountable. The so-called "inversion" got breathed in by our predominantly Mormon community like a daily pack of cigarettes. But unknown to residents of arguably the most foul-aired metropolitan area in the continental United States, inventor Rick Bennett trudged through waist-deep show and over treacherously icy granite inclines to install his ionic vortex technology device atop Utah's Lone Peak. Six AA flashlight batteries activated a catalytic process that attracted five of the six most common pollutants responsible for Utah's abysmal air quality: carbon monoxide, sulphur oxides, lead, and two mining-created types of particulate matter. That's the good news. But…

By noon today, Bennett had to remotely deactivate his device. Two "unintended consequences" caused a bit of an uproar in both Salt Lake and in Utah Counties.

First, the rapid attraction by the ionic vortex catalytic process created hurricane-force winds that literally tore the roofs off several Suncrest mountain top homes. According to Bennett, "There are some liability issues that far exceed the limits of my own homeowner's insurance policy."

The second, and by some accounts, the most serious problem is the device's creation of a 25,000 ton monolith that residents on both sides of Lone Peak are calling The Rickcicle. Local television stations are having difficulty interviewing residents, as even the most pious in this strongly religious community turn the air blue with invective as they react to the new view outside their bedroom windows.

News crews could not interview Bennett on camera, as crowds of irate neighborhood residents had surrounded his home. The telephone interview was cut short by the sound of breaking glass, just after Bennett lamented, "I bet this is how Dr. Frankenstein felt…"