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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Anyone Up For An Attack on

I'm getting dozens of SPAM emails each day from Yeah, they go into my junk folder, but someone is obviously abusing my good nature. I have a 3D-printed Darth Vader helmet for anyone who can do something really creatively awful to these guys. Send me your exploit video and a PO box where I can send your gift. I'll post your video on this site.

Yeah, it's a bogus URL. Their address in the email is 5114 Balcones Woods Drive, Suite #307-291, Austin, TX 78759.  The clickthrough address goes to:

Friday, August 31, 2018

How Huawei could get "un-banned" in the US, Australia and (soon) in Japan

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Huawei is crying crocodile tears again (read Register article here) about getting banned by the US and Australian governments on security grounds. I've covered previously on how Huawei could get this cloud lifted (see my article here) in my headline: "Who ya gonna believe, Huawei or your lying eyes?" The solution is simple: Huawei could offer a cool $1 million to anyone who could find a back door in any of their products. Click the "search" box to the left for any of my previous rants about Huawei for a complete history of my disregard for this obviously Chinese spying organization.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Assassination of Donald Trump: Cryptocurrency Death Pool

Sites on the dark web have previously sought to crowdfund the assassination of public figures like Donald Trump and Barack Obama

On July 26th, a betting pool where people make wagers using cryptocurrency was reported (see article here). Specifically:

The markets, first spotted by Mashable, allow people to place bets using cryptocurrency on whether or not these people will be assassinated. The market for the president's death, for example, asks: "Will Donald Trump (President of The USA) be killed at any point during 2018?"
Given a polarization unseen since Abraham Lincoln's presidency, I've been speculating on the possible repercussions of such an event. My conclusion: a civil war and breakdown of law and order in the United States.

The Latter-day Saints (full disclosure: I am a member of this community) have a much disputed document called The White Horse Prophecy (see the Wikipedia article here). If this highly suspect document turns out to be, well, prophetic for this time and this presidency, then one might speculate that Mitt Romney (a shoo-in for the 2018 U.S. Senate race) or John Huntsman, Jr. (the current U.S. ambassador to Russia), both of whom are Latter-day Saints, might play a role in fulfillment of that awful omen. Or even Senator Mike Lee, an acquaintance of my son-in-law.

I'm personally hoping that President Trump's secret service protection detail is playing their "A Game" and nullifies the assassination scenario, clearly a worst-case situation for our country. Right now, the odds of restoring civility in political discourse appear to be near zero.

The good news:  The freaked-out libs won't assassinate Trump until after the mid-terms, as they hope to have control of the house. Then, if they get both Trump and Pence, the speaker of the house will be the president.

The bad news:  If Trump is assassinated AFTER the midterms, with our without DEM control of the house, the conspiracy must find a way to implicate Romney, Huntsman, and Lee so as to minimize their influence.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"The FBI also pledged to do whatever it takes to combat Russian cyberattacks."

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ZDNet today (read the article here) talked about Russian hackers going after home routers with man-in-the-middle attacks. Sure gives me that "lovin' feeling" that the FBI pledges to do whatever it takes. Morons! Don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Movie Script Now Circulating Around Hollywood: The Last Will & Testament of Intergalactic Felon Harley Davidson . . . and His Dog

Image result for alien invasion

In a flight of imagination, I demonstrated how The Perfect Virus could not only make it possible for someone to NEVER AGAIN complete a cell phone conversation, but that it could completely thwart an alien invasion. In case you know someone in the movie business, you might want to bring this to their attention. My sci-fi TV PILOT script is circulating on: InkTip-dot-com (the link is here). The title:

The Last Will & Testament of Intergalactic Felon Harley Davidson . . . and His Dog.

Entertainment for both black hats and white hats. Comments appreciated.