Monday, October 25, 2021

The Best Shirts I've Ever Owned

 About twenty years ago, I published my novel Destroying Angel. At that time, I decided to imitate Steve Jobs, who only wore jeans and black mock-turtleneck shirts. So I went to an online embroidery site and bought eight Jonathan Corey shirts. Black Mock turtleneck. With my Destryoying Angel logo (see the photo above). Somewhere along the way I gave away one, so I have seven. I wear one every day, which means I wash them once a week. Given the occasional superhero shirt or Sunday dress shirt that I keep wearing after church, that's washing them all every week. For over twenty years. That's over one-thousand washings. These shirts have NOT faded. They have NOT shrunk. And I paid less than $20 per shirt! Talk about a good buy.

Trouble is, none of the custom-logo online shops carries Jonathan Corey apparel. None of them! Believe me, I've googled my brains out. I can't even find out who makes Jonathan Corey shirts. Sure, several sites carry the brand. But even those sites don't sell black mock-turtleneck shirts.

So if any of you can get me in touch with these guys, I'd be forever grateful. I'd even let them use my testimonial free, with no strings attached.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Trump Needs To Fire His Entire Campaign Staff


Holy Mother of Mercy! I'm getting all these "Final Notice" fundraisiing emails from the Trump campaign staff. Please, oh please let this be final from these jokers. It's obvious they think their fund-raising lists are composed of complete morons. You know, guys (I assume the Trump organization is run by alpha males who are good at hammering subordinates with their lame tactical opinions), President Trump should let Kelly Ann Conway fire all you dumb asses. With the exception of her choice of husbands, she seems to make the most sense when she communicates.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

I'm Just Finishing the 2nd Draft of My Sci-Fi Novel


Photo Credit: Emily Jones-Goodwin of Galaxy Press

The working title is The Last Will & Testament of Harley Davidson…And His Dog. I dare say there has never been another sci-fi novel like this one. I'm using "Ellison's Law" here, which states you may never say anything that one of your competitors could say. I figure, if you can't do something unique, then don't do it at all. No vampires, werewolves, zombies or climate-change apocalypse.  I'll soon be looking for an agent. This is too good to self-publish.