Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#MyDinnerWithTrump: London Lets Private Sector Chase Cybercriminal's Assets!

Interesting story in today's UK Register (read it here). At least it's ONE STEP in the right direction. Because of a "lower standard of proof" in civil courts, City of London Police are piloting a program where they "share the loot" with private parties who go after cybercrooks' assets. Yep, this recognizes the reality  that governments have limited bandwidth. But we're still waiting for full privatization of cyber security and full adoption of the Privateer Code (read it here).

Monday, August 1, 2016

#MyDinnerWithTrump: "U.S. Wrestles With How to FIght Back Against Cyberattacks"

Sunday's New York Times story (read it here) gives Mr. Trump another reason to consider a unique approach to countering cyberattacks with cyber privateers. Why on earth are the Russians concentrating on the Democrats, though? You'd think they'd want Hillary in office, so they could blackmail her over the state department emails.