Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trivial Hack: Voter Fraud Easy to Check

Being a mathematician at heart (and living on analytics to determine whether ads for my clients are getting any ROI at all), it would be easy to check whether or not voter fraud is rampant. Two scenarios: (1) Dead People Voting; and (2) Illegals Voting. How?

1.  Dead People Voting:

The Social Security Death Index is publicly available through numerous sites. A quick pass of this data through a given state's voting records would immediately spot "dead guys voting." Period.

2.  Illegals (non-citizens) voting is only slightly more difficult to check. Take California.

Since anybody can get a driver's license in California, and since a driver's license adequate for voter registration, a pass of Hispanic driver's license names against all voter records would give a massive database of voters. Generally speaking, a random sample of 400 such names could then be checked for valid citizenship and yield a statistically significant prediction of fraudulent voter percentages.

In both cases above, such research would require the cooperation of the state. Which might require some court action. Or not, if a presidential order could get the NSA to coach the idiots at the FBI on how to hack the associated state cyber infrastructure. Sorry, but I've posted previously on my low opinion of the FBI's cyber capabilities (do a search in the box to the left for my articles critical of the FBI).