Friday, April 22, 2016

How About Bringing THIS U.K. Cybercrook to Ground?

The latest big story is that you just need a cell phone number to track and eavesdrop on people (see the story here).  About two years ago, I posted a story about Internet scammers and published their cell phone numbers, both here and in the U.K. (see the story here). The two cell phone numbers used in the scam are:

  1. 011-44-7417-403532 and
  2. 646-751-0521
Could be "burners" or not. I haven't tried them since, but just maybe…?

So any enterprising hackers out there are invited to check out these numbers to see if they're still active, and if they are still in the hands of thieves. Who knows? You could have some fun. Heaven knows that law enforcement was and is woefully unequipped to do anything with them. Heck, they can't even crack iPhone security (a trivial task for anyone with In-Circuit Emulation or I.C.E. technology—see my story here).