Saturday, June 18, 2022

Congratulations Elon Musk: SPACEX Is Definitely Your Brand

 A bunch of SpaceX employees wanted the SpaceX "brand" to be separate from Elon Musk. They said he embarrassed them. What morons! He justifiably fired them. You don't let the tail wag the dog. Their inflated sense of worth is akin to presidential speech writer Patrick Buchanan actually thinking he could run for president. He was a flaming speech writer for crying out loud!

Yo, morons of the world. Free speech can't cover for insubordination. I've heard some ringside pundits liken Elon Musk to Howard Hughes. Baloney! Mr. Musk, my church has finally learned that you don't let your enemies define you. The moniker "Mormon" was invented by our enemies. You're not anything like Howard Hughes. You've thrown Tesla patents into the public domain because you're out to save the world.

Godspeed, you magnificent SOB. Godspeed.

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Hacking the Mind of the Masses (or HOW I TURNED $2 MILLION INTO HALF-A-BILLION DOLLARS)


How does an advertising "hired gun" keep his pulse on the public state of mind? My own answer to that question is to play the Hollywood Stock Exchange every day. You can join free, and they give you $2 million in funny money, with which you bet on which movies will win and which will lose. Several years ago I started playing this game, and as of today my $2 million has turned into $500,242,065.38.

Have I guess wrong a few times? Sure. COVID hit and betting on theatre box office receipts went into the toilet. But bless Tom Cruise and Top Gun Maverick for delaying their theatrical release and refusing to go to HBO. I made $30 million in the last two weeks just on Mr. Cruise, who thanked theatre goers for seeing his movie in theaters.

Oh yeah. I'm betting big on Elvis which is about to open.

What have I learned? Most importantly, my novel-writing instincts are still…heh heh…on the money. My first novel, Destroying Angel, would make a blockbuster movie. So would my second novel, Daddy's Little Felons. Check you the book links to the left. You can get Kindle versions for less than $3. And my newly written novel (for which I'm still trying to find a literary agent), The Last Will and Testament of Harley Davidson…and His Dog, IMHO will be a killer property for a studio that wants leading edge science fiction to rock the world. 

Yeah, all of us self-proclaimed ad geniuses are closet novelists. One of these days I'll crack…THE HOLLYWOOD CODE. Unless I run out of time and get turned into a hood ornament on a semi truck as I ride my bicycle the several thousand miles a year going to and from my mountain home in The Pirate Cottage.

Best to you all.

Rick Bennett

aka The Destroying Angel

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