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Thursday, February 25, 2021

CONTEST: Hack a Porn Blackmailer: Win a STAR WARS assortment of Pez candy dispensers

 Imagine my surprise when dozens of these emails showed up every day. "I have videos of you enjoying youself watching porn, and I'll send it to all your friends unless you pay me in Bitcoins." Since I've never been to a porn site in my life, I ignored them. It was easy enough to have a mail filter drop them into JUNK. Interestingly, if the culprit knew the first thing about DMARC, he'd know his claims of being inside my computer were ludicrous. Here's a smattering of subject lines from my trash bin, along with the letter he sent from each one:

And here's the sender source:

So my challenge to my hacker friends around the world (several hundred-thousand of you have visited this blog): Find the owner of the Bitcoin wallet 16aqr3rXxCtxa8AK3ErftnBQLfzyyhjpXJ and do something funny to him (I leave the definition of "funny" to your twisted minds). Then send me a picture. The best photo will win a swell Star Wars assortment of Pez candy dispensers.


Destroying Angel

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hacking Your Old QuarkXpress for the New Mac OS (Big Sur)


Yegads, I upgraded my Mac OS to Big Sur (11.1) and…crap on a stick!…my QuarkXpress 2017 won't work. So I called them and was told I had to upgrade for $395/year on their new subscription business model and no, they weren't going to issue a fix for 2017 because it was "end of life."

Guess what, sports fans? I dumped Adobe over their swell new Photoship/InDesign monthly licensing scheme, and damn well didn't want to support Quark in theirs. AND ANOTHER THING! There are alternatives to Adobe and there are alternatives to Quark. Free ones. Better user interfaces and better functionality.

Want to read a scathing review of Quark? Enjoy

Want to replace Quark or InDesign? Try LucidPress.

Want to replace Adobe Photoshop? Try Krita.

Down with these Adobe and Quark greedheads!

#quark #adobe #indesign #photoshop #lucid #krita

Saturday, January 16, 2021

A New SCI-FI Twist: Teen's Virus Foils Alien Invasion

 The novel is about two-thirds complete. Call it displacement activity (I'm ignoring politics and most of the news outlets, in favor of digging in at my Pirate Cottage on a Utah mountainside). And proof-of-concept that I know more about the perfect virus and the current state of so-called artificial intelligence than anyone else on the planet. All I'll share now is the working title and first three paragraphs. Stay tuned for the rest.

The Last Will and Testament of

Harley Davidson

And His Dog

    "Captain, I'm Harley Davidson. Apparently, my computer virus took over your ship."
    "Crippled is a more accurate statement, Mister Davidson," replied the tall, porcelain-skinned woman with matching white hair. She answered in perfect English. "And possibly more than my ship has been crippled."
    Just when I thought the month couldn't get ay weirder, I found myself chatting in my native tongue with a humanoid alien. Aboard a spaceship conveniently sunk in Boston Harbor. Me and my dog. Me, my dog, and a smoking hot captain.