Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Become A Character In My Buddy's Fantasy Book AND Get A BIG Tax Write-off


Brian Hailes won L. Ron Hubbard's Illustrators Of The Future award a few years ago. Since 2015, he's been coming every month to the writers group at my house, fine tuning his writing. He has just launched a KICKSTARTER campaign (click here for the KICKSTARTER link) for a rather spectacular book he's finally finishing. Given the large number of illustrations, it's taken him a while. We've critiqued each and every chapter for a few years. I'm not normally into fantasy, but this one hooked me big time.

You want to be a character in the book? For $375 you can have your face as one of the characters (in addition to getting a bunch of swell stuff, including original artwork, signed copies of the book, and all formats. Of course, for $36 you get a signed hardcover with color illustrations.

Check out the link. Oh, and did you know that if you get signed original artwork and hold it for a year, you can donate it to a museum and get a tax write-off for the appraised value? I did this one year with New York Artist Peter Max when I was head of advertising for Data General. We gave signed prints of his Statue of Liberty painting to 250 of the company's Million Dollar Club participants. In a year, I donated my own prints to a local library and got a $3500 tax write-off.

NOTE: Do NOT take this post as tax advice. Talk to your own tax attorney for applicability to the current tax laws.

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