Monday, May 2, 2022

Want To Have Some Fun With A Hacker?

 I honestly can't believe the email I just got from that offers hacking services. His WHATSAPP NUMBER is +19497044073 (a Southern California number). This has GOT to be an FBI sting operation! Here's the text of the email:

CONTACT US FOR ALL KINDS OF HACKING JOB We offer professional hacking services, we offer the following services.

-University grades changing

-Bank accounts hack

-Erase criminal records hack

-Facebook hack

-Twitters hack

-email accounts hack

-Grade Changes hack

-Website crashed hack

-server crashed hack

-Skype hack

-Databases hack

-Word Press Blogs hack

-Individual computers hack

-Control devices remotely hack

-Burner Number

-Verified Paypal Accounts hack

-Any social media account hack

-Android & iPhone Hack

-Text message interception hack

-email interception hack

-Bitcoin recovery

-binary multiplication

-credit score upgrade

-Track Calls log and Spy Call Recording.

Monitoring SMS text messages remotely.

Cell phone GPS location racking. Spy on Whatsapp Messages.

-Untraceable Ip etc.

  Contact us:

WHATSAPP NUMBER:   +19497044073

for more inquiry..

Let me know of your adventures. But beware: This CAN'T be legit.

Taman Shud

#blackhat #FBIstingoperation #gatesofhell