Friday, November 9, 2012

A 2nd Righteous Hack: Biological BLACK BOX PORTABILITY

Back in January of 2011 I reported how Bill Aho and MediaPlay had done a successful AND LEGAL hack of Hollywood (see the story here). This week I went to the premier of the movie Doctored—produced by my old friend Jeff Hays (see his website here)—where he attacks "big pharma's" and the AMA's rejection of cures in favor of life-long (and highly profitable) drug regimens. To be sure, Jeff is early in the battle, and the outcome is anything but assured at this point. But the one take-away from Doctored is the "hack" of the human genome by bio-hackers who sport quite a few arrows in their backs. While this isn't a computer software hack, it qualifies for inclusion in my 22 Principles for Creating the Perfect Virus under Principle #7, Black Box Portability (see all 22 principles here). Remember, my little army of cyber privateers, bits and bytes aren't the only way of opening doors into secure systems.