Wednesday, December 21, 2022

CONSPIRACY? A Hydrogen Economy Threatens The Battery EV Infrastructure

The UK Register story (read it here) amplifies how vested interests are "putting in the fix" to kill research into producing hydrogen as an alternative energy source. But read between the lines:

One of the big problems with hydrogen as a green fuel is that it is not green under current production methods. Nearly all industrial hydrogen gas is extracted from natural gas, a process which requires energy, usually from fossil fuels, and one which produces further greenhouse gasses as a byproduct. While the prospect of electrolyzing hydrogen from water using renewable energy is appealing, the approach has yet to be scaled.

What a bunch of unadulterated crap. The politicians are being well and truly bought off by the battery investors. There is too much capital invested to watch it thrown away. Give me a Tesla solar-panel roof on my home and a hydrogen compressor to pack cracked water into hydrogen and oxygen, and I'll get a cheap retrofit for my internal combustion engine. How's that for scale, you paid-off politicians?