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Saturday, January 16, 2021

A New SCI-FI Twist: Teen's Virus Foils Alien Invasion

 The novel is about two-thirds complete. Call it displacement activity (I'm ignoring politics and most of the news outlets, in favor of digging in at my Pirate Cottage on a Utah mountainside). And proof-of-concept that I know more about the perfect virus and the current state of so-called artificial intelligence than anyone else on the planet. All I'll share now is the working title and first three paragraphs. Stay tuned for the rest.

The Last Will and Testament of

Harley Davidson

And His Dog

    "Captain, I'm Harley Davidson. Apparently, my computer virus took over your ship."
    "Crippled is a more accurate statement, Mister Davidson," replied the tall, porcelain-skinned woman with matching white hair. She answered in perfect English. "And possibly more than my ship has been crippled."
    Just when I thought the month couldn't get ay weirder, I found myself chatting in my native tongue with a humanoid alien. Aboard a spaceship conveniently sunk in Boston Harbor. Me and my dog. Me, my dog, and a smoking hot captain.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

My PRE-PAID Ticket to the Next 4 Years


Since this blog is about hacking and the perfect computer virus, I've got to hand it to the election people in five states. Well played, folks! I couldn't have done it better, myself.

Yes, I've been pouting about my election prediction. But on the bright side, I bought my pre-paid ticket to the next 4 years of Trump's 2024 campaign. He may be an obnoxious SOB, but he's my obnoxious SOB, and I have a front-row seat that beats watching any late-night television show monologues. I went and got a big box of CostCo Movie Popcorn. Let the show begin.

#maga #donaldtrump #hacking2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Destroying Angel's Election Prediction

 Axiom 1:    Most people realize that pollsters put respondents' preferences into a database.

Axiom 2:    As a result, because they don't want retaliation from biased media, high-tech, bad guys in general, etc., a large number of Trump supporters actually lie to pollsters.

Axiom 3:    Conservatively, Destroying Angel predicts that at least 10% of Trump supporters will tell pollsters they support Joe Biden.

Net-net:    Take whatever poll you want and subtract 5% from Biden and add 5% to Trump.

Hence, even the most pessimistic Trump polls are, in reality, predictions for a resounding Trump victory on November 3, 2020.

I figured I'd post this in advance of the elections, just to have it in writing and out there. If pollsters want to pull their industry out of the crapper, they should take those names and phone numbers from their database of Biden supporters, select a truly random sample, and send people out to the respondents' homes for a personal interview. This should be the NEW BEST PRACTICES for future political polling.

Taman Shud.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Enough of this Republican National Committee Email already!


Yesterday alone, I received 61 fund-raising emails from people representing the Republican National Committee. Luckily, over this election season I have 33 filters on my email that dump these into my junk folder. Yes, I could have "unsubscribed" to these, but I thought I'd get an idea of effective political solicitation subject lines. I'll leave that exercise up to the reader. In the meantime, damn but I'll be glad when this election is over. My wife asked me when I was going to turn on the Christmas lights around our house. She said, "On your birthday?" I said no, I'll be turning them on the day after the freaking election.


Sunday, August 16, 2020

Winner of the 1st-place Golden Quill award


I have four stories in this award-winning anthology, one of which predicts Salesforce's Marc Benioff will become President of the United States. Another stars Woody Harrelson in a redux of The Devil and Daniel Webster titled (duh) The Devil and Woody Harrelson. Add to that a first-contact story and wrap it up with an immortal being who plays a really mean guitar, and you have four cool stories. Check out Cresting The Sun on Amazon: