Monday, March 11, 2024

Proof That TCP/IP Technology is DANGEROUS and Needs to be TRASHED

 Today's UK Register story on Microsoft losing access to its own source sode (read the story here) is absolute proof that today's Internet needs all new hardware. Which means there are vast segments of the economy ripe for a new class of entrepreneurial billionaires.

Seriously, if Microsoft can't protect their crown jewels, what chance in Hell is there for the rest of the world?

So a prophecy right out of The Book of Revelation seems appropriate. The great "beast" that controls all commerce in the world will die but be resurrected with improvements.

Time for some hardware wizzards to cash in?

Taman Shud.

PS: My use of trademarked/copyrighted Micrsoft images is the least of their problems.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Brilliant Move: Reprise the Berlin Airlift for Aid to Gaza!


Today's WSJ story is a real ray of hope for the innocents in Gaza (READ IT HERE).  The US is about to airlift supplies to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza. Logistical problems? Yes. The world doesn't want the US to be the good guys, here. And politics and sabotage from the Islamic world  will get in the way. So let's see if good will prevail.

I got to meet the Berlin Airlift "Candy Bomber" Colonel Gail Halverson before he died. And I see his son when I work in the LDS Temple on Thursday mornings. Godspeed to this operation.