Friday, March 23, 2018

Georgia (Ransomware) On My Mind

Yesterday's UK Register (read the story here) reports the city of Atlanta's IT gear got "thoroughly pwned by ransomware."
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So, how's it working out, trusting the FBI geniuses to bail you? Too bad you can't turn licensed and bonded cyber privateers loose to rain hell upon the bad guys. Don't hold your breath on the FBI. It's the same FBI that then-director Mueller ran when he almost single-handedly destroyed Silicon Valley's software exports (see my story here). Yeah, stupidity rolls downhill.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Calling All BLACK HATS to Comment on The Science Teacher Who Fed a Live Puppy to a Snapping Turtle

Robert Crosland, Preston Junior High School Science Teacher
Reportedly fed a live and conscious puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students.

At first, I thought this was fake news. A retired U.S. Navy Captain (and my neighbor) told me about a Preston, Idaho science teacher who fed a live (and conscious) puppy to a snapping turtle in front of his students. My friend the captain said he actually cried when he heard the report. I get a lot of stories that are "fake news" and decided to follow up on this. For the several hundred thousand of you who periodically check into this site, I sadly report this is a true story. Here is the CBS news story, but you can Google further to satisfy yourselves as to its accuracy (see story here).

Even further infuriating is the fact that thousands of people have signed a petition in support of this teacher, saying in effect, "Awh, this was just the cycle of life." It is reported that the dying puppies cries could be heard all over the school.

Without lapsing into the profanity raging through my mind, let me suggest that Robert Crosland needs to experience that same "cycle of life."As do the citizens of the city of Preston, Idaho who signed that petition supporting this monster. I wonder if his wife's name is Eva Braun Crosman?

IMHO, there are very few righteous hacks. Retribution against Crosland, his school, and the wonderful people of Preston who support him, might be justified. Your thoughts?

More Fun With A MIcrosoft Windows Scammer at 844-661-5443

Related image

Some "displacement activity" thanks to yet another telephone scammer. Want to have some fun?

Call 844-661-5443 and waste some of their time. 

Below is the incoming call and my short conversation.

Spoiler alert:  Don't listen to this video if you have an aversion to the crook 
lapsing into profanity.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Hear My Fun With an IRS Phone Scammer

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I got a call from the above number, and decided to have some fun with the "IRS" who said they'd have local cops come to arrest me. Yeah, right. So I called the number. It didn't take long for the guy on the other end of the line to lapse into profanity. So don't listen to this if you are offended at some trailer trash-talk. 

Hey, the more people who call this number, the better. Given that you can google the number and see how many people have posted, it's clear that the authorities have neither the interest nor the capability to rain on this parade. Too bad we don't have a Whack The Scammers law.