Monday, November 21, 2011

Treasure hunt needs legwork in St. Louis, MO

I reported on November 16th that JOSEPH from SPAIN solved the coded message that the FBI's "best and brightest" couldn't (click here). Since JOSEPH from SPAIN lives in, duh, Spain, he has determined that the coded document is the last will and testament of Ricky McCormick, a street-wise fellow who came up with a secret way of writing when he was but a boy. So congrats to Joseph, who kind of made monkeys out of the FBI (certainly more effectively than the anarchists from Anonymous have been able to do). But Joseph needs some legwork in and around the St. Louis area, and I offered to set him up with one of my readers who wants to finish the job the FBI couldn't even start. Obviously, the FBI will probably want the treasure, not to mention (eventually) Ricky McCormick's heirs. So all that's in this for you is bragging rights. So drop me a line (please, no AOL or Hotmail-like accounts, as I really need to do some due diligence on you before I connect you with JOSEPH from SPAIN). Cheers!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FBI's "best & brightest" blow one for the gipper

Congratulations to "JOSEPH from SPAIN" who solved the crypto puzzle publicly posted by the FBI and about which I wrote on April 1, 2011 (see link here). As reported by Network World, the FBI asked for help in decrypting "this encyphered note" left by a street-wise man three days before his death. Quoting from the Network World article:
The FBI says that despite extensive work by its Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU), and the American Cryptogram Association, the meanings of those two coded notes remain a mystery and McCormick's murderer has never been found. One has to wonder though, if the FBI can't figure this out, who can?
Thank you JOSEPH from SPAIN, who posted his comment last night. Bottom line, 41-year old Ricky McCormick used one of the oldest and least secure cyphers called The Caesar Cypher (here's the Wikipedia article here).  Master cryptographer Ricky McCormick simply shifted his letters by a mere one position. Sure, he replaced all "C" or "Mc" sounding words with an "X" in his home-grown code (along with some other "tweaks"), a system by the way that he came up with as a child, but egads! The FBI Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU) along with the American Cryptogram Association, couldn't crack this? I'll bet you thought the geniuses in the federal government have our protection well under control. Here's JOSEPH from SPAIN's note:

JOSEPH from SPAIN said...
Is Shorthand and Cesar Code B
Look note 2, last line, said:
"O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX"
Can you see what letters are repetead?
Can you remember HAL 9000?
--If X= Variations of letter C (MC, C, CK)
--If L= M, m= N and H= I
--If O=O, W=W and R=R
--If 4= for and 8= A by phonetic solution
--It is the signature, testament and last will of Mccormick.
The Solution for FBI and the treasure map:
If you've seen the Paul Newman movie Buffalo Bill and the Indians, there's a scene when Sitting Bull seems to have escaped. Buffalo Bill (Paul Newman) says something to the effect, "We've got the best trackers, the best Indian fighters, and the best horsemen in the world. We'll go out and find 'em." Then, as you see the wild west show troop sail off over a hill on their trek, one of "the best horsemen" in the world fall off his galloping horse. I can't get that scene out of my mind every time I think about the FBI's "best and brightest" cryptanalysis geniuses.

So congratulations are in order to JOSEPH from SPAIN. He has a blog which goes into great detail (click here). I'm sure you'll forgive Joseph's presentation, as English is not his native language. And rather than dismissing his thoughts about "Obama, Nostradamus and Jeane Dixon," you might just cut some slack to someone who has spent his life looking for patterns. In fact, he's been doing pattern-based analytics the hard way: with his noggin.

Joseph, drop me a line. I'll see to it that you get an early release of a currently top-secret Pattern Based Analytics (PBA) product that I've been testing for a Department of Defense contractor who is about to release a public product that will be a real game changer. I figure we turn a guy like you loose with a PBA that's the software equivalent of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6, you could…well…bag some big game.

Again, congrats to JOSEPH from SPAIN. And thanks for your note.