Monday, November 21, 2011

Treasure hunt needs legwork in St. Louis, MO

I reported on November 16th that JOSEPH from SPAIN solved the coded message that the FBI's "best and brightest" couldn't (click here). Since JOSEPH from SPAIN lives in, duh, Spain, he has determined that the coded document is the last will and testament of Ricky McCormick, a street-wise fellow who came up with a secret way of writing when he was but a boy. So congrats to Joseph, who kind of made monkeys out of the FBI (certainly more effectively than the anarchists from Anonymous have been able to do). But Joseph needs some legwork in and around the St. Louis area, and I offered to set him up with one of my readers who wants to finish the job the FBI couldn't even start. Obviously, the FBI will probably want the treasure, not to mention (eventually) Ricky McCormick's heirs. So all that's in this for you is bragging rights. So drop me a line (please, no AOL or Hotmail-like accounts, as I really need to do some due diligence on you before I connect you with JOSEPH from SPAIN). Cheers!

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  1. I a inadvertently deleted this comment from JOSEPH from SPAIN (I hit delete instead of publish on my iPad). Here is his comment:

    --Lack one thing to investigate.
    --The THORN´s murder.

    --I think the bag is hidden in the dry zone of Marais Temps Clair CA. , north of pool 6, if the official map does not lie. Look:

    --I trust their good work because Mccormick wrote in the penultimate line of the note two, this:

    N2-17)"I´m careful and more in had been....half me you(rs) and the please".

    --And discovered what it meant "cBE". If X= variations of letter "C" (MC, C and CK) then the letter "C" should mean that:

    C = C, D (by Caesar Code B) or "see" (by phonetic reason).

    --I needed a verb and considered "BE" as a form of the verb "TO BE" (be or B(e)e(n)) and i thought of verbs like "TO DO, WOULD or HAD" in its contracted form.

    So "cBE" = Had or Would Been = ´d b(e)e(n).

    --To check if "C"= D (contracted verb)i apply this solution to a line with "cms" and "cBE" and i understood so line 12 of the note one:

    N1-12) "Thief and "THORN" had miss quit sole murder loose to tied would and would not had been".

    --I think it is written the old letter "THORN" in Caps. This may be the name or nickname of some one killed in Missouri or Illinois. Another option is that is a word written in geometrical shorthand because THORN is not well drawn( a common problem in a handwritten text).

    --I think in the suitcase to be the solution.

    Bye from Spain.


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