Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ultimate "Twitterverse" analytics breakthrough now public

Back in August, I reported that Twitter is the new cyberwar dashboard (click here). It turns out, analytics on what I call the "data exhaust" from Twitter could be extended to a phenomenal number of areas. Heck, CNN reported that one UK-based hedge fund (click here) is actually beating the market using a Twitter data feed to predict market movement. I've been pushing Quantum Leap Analytics (Full Disclosure: I sit on their board of directors) to deliver Twitter-pattern based analytics for every man. I contend that this "throw-away" (ie; ugly, but low-cost or even free) application would give non-technical consumers a whole new look at the world and the power of Pattern Based Analytics for higher-end business products from Quantum Leap. How about these capabilities for a mere proof-of-concept utility?
  1. Get emerging news stories before the press reports on them.
  2. Strip off the news bias to find out which reports are getting traction by the public.
  3. Set up your own dashboard for emerging trends.
  4. Get actionable intelligence before your competition even knows something is "afoot."
  5. Set trending-development NOTIFICATION on your dashboard, so a triggering threshold prompts YOUR COMPUTER to send a private text message to YOUR CELL PHONE.
  6. Keep YOUR UNIQUE INSIGHTS private to YOUR COMPUTER, not to be mined and aggregated by some cloud service provider.
  7. Find out who is "gaming the system" to artificially inflate sentiment scores.
  8. Discover criminal behavior in your neighborhood (a former high-level intelligence professional pointed out one set of tweets that appear to be a drug dealer's coded set of messages for customers to make pickups).
Sound interesting? Well, you can download the beta version of this product free of charge to your very own computer by going to www.quantumleapbuzz.com/trial. Calling this a kind of "Google for Twitter" almost undervalues the product. It's much more valuable than either Google or Twitter. One thing is certain: Quantum Leap Buzz should be an essential part of a cyber privateer's tool kit.

Try it. Let me know what you think.


  1. -- I tried the program according to my personal interest in this topic:

    +Politics USA
    +News Europe
    +War USA Iran
    +Iran China Oil.

    -- In relation to the presidential election, according to people involved in twiter, i think so:

    + Romney is BORING and what he said about his money has ended up with him.
    + Ron Paul is COOL, is interesting for the people (....but is mad)
    + Newt G. is a womanizer and a hypocrite.

    The republican Party has no leader capable of defeating Obama.

    The Obama "SECOND COMING" is very, very close.

    NEWS (Europe)

    -- A belgian citizen of Morocan origin, habitual offender, an orphan, shot people in a market for Christmas, killing several people and even throw hand grenades.

    -- I did not find anything interesting except for a blog that linked this case with the muslim terrorism and was removed by some unknow reason.

    to be continue.

  2. Hello.
    Add more stuff about US policy

    --I feel that:
    +Newt G and Romney are very loved and very hated
    +Santorum does not arouse hatred or enthusiasm-

    --Some people see it as "april´s joke" and others emphasize its defense of the family. The people at twitter defens abortion (rape case) and not bomb Iran. I think santorum really wants to be vice president with Romney or Newt G.

    --In a twitter page where you can vote Ron Paul WINS:
    Santorum 21%
    Newt G 8%
    Romney 15%
    Ron Paul 56%

    --In the twitter world Ron Paul is very attractive and interesting.

    End US policy.

  3. WAR

    ---Some times the common word is a word wrong---one--

    ---I started looking for simple words (yes/not attack iran usa war) and found that in the twitter world almost everybody is against United States and his evil Imperial will on the oil, look:
    -Ron Paul
    -robert fisk, journalist, independent.co.uk/opinion

    ... and i´ve spent the time discussing the views of author of the text "The war with Iran has already began" in http://www.darkpolitrics.com/2012/01/war-iran

    ----¿Neutral page? look http://www.armytimes.com/news/2012/12/ap-analysisi-irans-fortunes-in-iraq-clouded-121611/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
    .... or battleland.blogs.time.com

    Twitter world is anti-american/jew intervention.

    ...but one think worries me, a word that appears and is repeated: BAHRAIN.(Military base of the fifth fleet).

    to be continued.

    ---Some times the common word is a word wrong--two--

    ---About pornography i had to change the terms of search because people use very vulgar language to communicate regularly....nor "pornstar" because i got the propaganda of P.E.T.A.

    ---So i no choice but to use "technical" words (swingers, anal. fellatio, dp, gangbang) then i found very "happy" couples and dating websites.

    ---I really find it very strange that stupid habit of being photographed naked in front of a mirror (there have been cases of suicide). I´ve seen pictures repeated in several places and in different ways (avatar, with name (true?),or no name) but i do know why they lie.

    ---I expected more variety of responses. The very strangest think was the twits of a ducht mother 38 and her "active" daughters 16 and 21 (resembled a police trap for pedophiles)

    to be continued.

  5. Hello
    about ECONOMY

    ---I can not find solutions to the crisis
    (terms:crisis, euro, international, solution)

    ---But i found a book and propaganda video often called THE AFTERSHOCK SURVIVAL SUMMIT (is a book that is mentioned very repeatedly in the twits):


    ---You tell me if it is a good book. I have not knowledge of economics but i do know that if you spend more than you earn your destination is the ruin (something that European governements seem to ignore, unfortunately).

    to be continued.

    1. Destroying AngelFeb 25, 2012 11:20 AM
      Joseph, the "solution" is a paradigm shift most Science Fiction authors have figured out. You might want to see my posts on Frank Herbert in particular (use the Search feature to the left). I believe technology and not the politicians are the answer. In fact, that's the whole premise of The Morgan Doctrine.

    2. Hello.

      -Many people who write tweets do not know this. It is a problem to find the right term to find the correct answer. In European politics is a common word.

      -I seek the thing that make and object or person is special. I am worried about the military base in Bahrain.

      -I see tweet-pictures and i not like what i see, and do not understand the Arabic language.

      to be continued.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hello:

    --Your email made me remember the importance of oil.

    --I was looking OIL CHINA IRAN (my fifth target) and now SYRIA (currently news makes must also be included)

    --I found tweets mentioning the importance of trade between them and their current political relationship:

    +look: informationclearinghouse.info

    --I found a reports and a propaganda video,of a specialist in petroleum affairs, on a website (www.moneynews.com) referred to in tweets, look:


    --And so i think that the Iranian threat to close the strait of Hormuz is the most greatest weapon of destruction he has, and if Iran carries out the US will be forced to control the Straits (invade Carmania)..... and China is also the enemy.

    to be continued.

  8. Hello.

    -Santorum out?
    -Pattern: santorum vice sarah palin / santorumout#

    +I see:
    "Rick Santorum more likely "the next Sarah Palin" than vice president, political experts say,
    - by Douglas B. Brill, -The Express-Times-


    .... is very courious.



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