Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Zombieland" meets "Person of Interest"

As I've pontificated before, "data exhaust" from Twitter can be used to gain all kinds of actionable intelligence. The Derwent Capital hedge fund is using their own Twitter data feed to beat the market. So, my budding cyber privateers, you can download the free (until Leap Day, 2/29/2012) Quantum Leap Buzz analytics program to set up your own predictive analytics dashboard. Not only can you get news the major news organizations dare not bring you (like real arguments against SOPA, because people like CBS and Disney have been complicit in selling "entrapment" software that they are now suing people for using), but you can get one heck of a good laugh (download Buzz and then type "bird flu zombie" for a real knee slapper). Everybody with a Web-connected computer ought to have this running continually. Here's a video about Quantum Leap Buzz:
To get your copy of Quantum Leap Buzz, go to…yep…

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