Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FBI's "best & brightest" blow one for the gipper

Congratulations to "JOSEPH from SPAIN" who solved the crypto puzzle publicly posted by the FBI and about which I wrote on April 1, 2011 (see link here). As reported by Network World, the FBI asked for help in decrypting "this encyphered note" left by a street-wise man three days before his death. Quoting from the Network World article:
The FBI says that despite extensive work by its Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU), and the American Cryptogram Association, the meanings of those two coded notes remain a mystery and McCormick's murderer has never been found. One has to wonder though, if the FBI can't figure this out, who can?
Thank you JOSEPH from SPAIN, who posted his comment last night. Bottom line, 41-year old Ricky McCormick used one of the oldest and least secure cyphers called The Caesar Cypher (here's the Wikipedia article here).  Master cryptographer Ricky McCormick simply shifted his letters by a mere one position. Sure, he replaced all "C" or "Mc" sounding words with an "X" in his home-grown code (along with some other "tweaks"), a system by the way that he came up with as a child, but egads! The FBI Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU) along with the American Cryptogram Association, couldn't crack this? I'll bet you thought the geniuses in the federal government have our protection well under control. Here's JOSEPH from SPAIN's note:

JOSEPH from SPAIN said...
Is Shorthand and Cesar Code B
Look note 2, last line, said:
"O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX"
Can you see what letters are repetead?
Can you remember HAL 9000?
--If X= Variations of letter C (MC, C, CK)
--If L= M, m= N and H= I
--If O=O, W=W and R=R
--If 4= for and 8= A by phonetic solution
--It is the signature, testament and last will of Mccormick.
The Solution for FBI and the treasure map:
If you've seen the Paul Newman movie Buffalo Bill and the Indians, there's a scene when Sitting Bull seems to have escaped. Buffalo Bill (Paul Newman) says something to the effect, "We've got the best trackers, the best Indian fighters, and the best horsemen in the world. We'll go out and find 'em." Then, as you see the wild west show troop sail off over a hill on their trek, one of "the best horsemen" in the world fall off his galloping horse. I can't get that scene out of my mind every time I think about the FBI's "best and brightest" cryptanalysis geniuses.

So congratulations are in order to JOSEPH from SPAIN. He has a blog which goes into great detail (click here). I'm sure you'll forgive Joseph's presentation, as English is not his native language. And rather than dismissing his thoughts about "Obama, Nostradamus and Jeane Dixon," you might just cut some slack to someone who has spent his life looking for patterns. In fact, he's been doing pattern-based analytics the hard way: with his noggin.

Joseph, drop me a line. I'll see to it that you get an early release of a currently top-secret Pattern Based Analytics (PBA) product that I've been testing for a Department of Defense contractor who is about to release a public product that will be a real game changer. I figure we turn a guy like you loose with a PBA that's the software equivalent of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6, you could…well…bag some big game.

Again, congrats to JOSEPH from SPAIN. And thanks for your note.


  1. --Hello
    --Thank you very much but this not finished until the FBI or National Geographic found the buried bag, pack, case or bulk (if still there).

    --I would like to check if the house is adjacent to the northern entrance to Marais Temps Clair CA (mo), near the road 94, corresponds to the number 35 for some reason (35 miles?).

    --All my work is based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe "The Gold Bug" and the five problems solved by William Legrand:

    -1-The Signature.
    -2-The letter "E" (and vowels present in the original text)
    -3-The characteristics of a hand written text
    -4-The Bishop´s Hostel (observation of the surrounding terrain)
    -5-The error of Jupiter (applied mathematics)

    --In English and Spanish language the letter "E" is the most used letter. The lack of vowels in the text of Mccormick can only mean that the vowels are included but you can not see and vowels that can be seen used to avoid confusion. Typical solution is a shorthand.

    --This shorthand is a personal system of concentration of information that can be confused with a coding system and equally incomprehensible to a layman. Look "Criminal Minds", season one, episode 17, "real rain".

    --The solution of the first two problems led me to believe that i faced a shorthand system that uses four different alphabets simultaneously whit basic deception measures in form and substance:

    +1-English alphabet
    +2-English alphabet modified by Caesar Code B or +1
    +3-English phonetic alphabet
    +4-Numbers and others symbols

    --It is like playing cards with four differents decks at the same time so arbitrary. For example "WE THE PEOPLE" can be written as:

    -WE= WE, W, U, Ue, 2u, 2ju......
    -THE= THE,T, De or Di, S, Se, D....

    --Calculate the combinations (with or without hyphen). The limit is in the English dictionary and common sense.

    --I do not speak English. I am caring for my mother at home and i have free time. I would like to work whit you in what seems good before Obama returns to Jerusalem.

    Goodbye from Barcelona.

  2. JOSPEH from SPAIN, you crack me up ("…before Obama returns to Jerusalem…")! I live in Utah, but I hereby put out the word to any readers in the St. Louis area who want to do some legwork for JOSEPH from SPAIN. Drop me a note and I'll put you two together. Come on, one of you Anonymous/WikiLeaks freaks in St. Louis! Want to further embarrass the FBI without doing anything illegal or dangerous to your personal freedom? Before "Obama returns to Jerusalem" (dare I ask what this reference means?).

  3. Hello.

    --Just observe, measure and seek the "Bishop´s Hostel":

    --First i would like to know why the house is near the north entrance of Marais Temps Clair CA. can get the number 35. (Year of construction?, Mail number?, road number?..)

    +Look the map:

    --Second i would like to confirm the distance between north Marais Temps Clair Conservation CA.(MO) and the official residence of Mccormick (1400 Chouteau Ave. St. Louis (MO), as they say in:



    --I with Google Maps and Google Earth i got 36´5 miles going to the east(I-70 and MO-94) and 30 miles going to the west (MO-367 and MO-94), almost as calculated by Mccormick (36 miles and 29 miles from somewhere in St. Louis (MO))

    --But this was measured in 1999!! . I do not know if the current situation allows the same load.

    Near MO-367 highway Mccormick´s corpse was found

    Look video:


  4. JOSEPH from SPAIN: Both email addresses you sent me and to which I responded got bounced. If you want to send me email directly, I'm (no big secret, since you can click on my profile and get my website which gives my email address). Rick Bennett aka Destroying Angel.

  5. -- If you watch the video of wusa9 and calculates the distance between the cadaver and hoghway 367 then you might be wondering like me why this trend around?.

    -- When this all started and where i could hide a treasure and why it seemed so strange where Mccormick´s body was found reminded the only person who knows this area from top to bottom:

    --I remembered my childhood reading and movies about Tom Sawyer. I loocked on the map the route of the Mississippi river and its tributaries like Missouri. The river floods the earth; move objects, rots and destroy them; the corpses float and phisical evidences disappear. Then...

    --...the suitcase with 99.840 $ and more should be within the State, with a physical protection (military base) or legal protection(national park) and i think the corpse was left on the cornfield whith the intention of getting rid of him and never intended to hide it.

    -- And then i remembered again Mark Twain and his novel "Tom Sawyer detective", in particular:

    +1) The question that the blacksmith makes Tom Sawyer: Why kill?
    +2) The necessary existence of a small screwdriver to reveal a shiny treasure.
    +3) The ignorance of Jupiter Dunlap.

    -- It is necessary to recapitulate:

    1-Mccormick was a chronic cardiorespiratory disease and recived medical treatment.
    2-Mccormick went to Marais Temps Clair CA. to bury a bag. He need a shovel or garden spade (the small screwdriver)
    3-Mccormick had no car, motorcycle or bike.
    4-The notes were in his pocket. The notes are his last will or testament.
    5-The note one was clean. The note two was dirty. Compare notes: If you put your hand over the note 2 and do as if you write, the stain is the result of manual work by Mccormick before he died. He had no time to get home and write well the note 2.
    6-To get from St. Louis (mo) to Marais Temps Clair CA., going to the north, should go on the highway 367.
    7-FBI and Police say he was murdered but no one says why and how did.

    ....So where is the small shovel?, where is the car, motorcycle or bike? and where is the Mccormick´s medication, food and drink?. Why kill?.

    ---The simplest answer is: NOBODY DID.

  6. --What could happen?

    --Then, using Occam´s razor,this:

    --Mccormick went to Marais Temps Clair CA. with everything he need (water, food, medication,shovel)and dug a hole despite their cardiorespiratory disease. Finishing the hard work was and hitchhiked back home.

    --Some one stopped his car and picked him up. Returning to St. Louis Mccormick could die for his illnes and excess work. The car driver panicked, went back and decided to dump the body near the highway 367 but forgot the small shovel and other objects that remained in his vehicle. He did not touch the notes because he not know its value and existence.(The ignorance of Jupiter).

    --To solve the case the FBI should look for an African-american, manual workers, age 40 to 60 years old, usually picked up hitchhikers (until summer 1999) but now it does not or is something that bothers him.The FBI MUST ASK THE DRIVER.

    --And this is all to do with the reading of the classics of American literature.

    Bye from Spain.

    Note 1:
    ---The FBI or PD St Louis keep some detail is often not made public. I do not know any detail secret and my story can be modified by that.

    Note 2:
    ---May be i wrote "Bennet" instead of "Bennett"; anyway i hope that every time you receive an email the screen not turns blue with a Windows error message after a few minutes. I prefer gmail.

  7. Hello from Spain.

    + Six months ago i said that i was looking for a house with the NUMBER 35. (see November 22,2011)

    + Finally i have found the house in the place i had predicted to 36 and 29 miles from Chouteau Avenue 1400, St Louis (MO), is this:

    + 6035 Missouri 94, Portage Des Sioux, MO 63337 EE UU

    + I used Google Maps ans Street View.
    (The calculation of the distance is a rough estimate)

    + Anyone can check and see the home next to the northern entrance of Marais Temps Clair C.A. (MO).

    + This show that i was right and i deciphered correctly the Mccormick´s notes.

    + I can not longer do anything. If the FBI wants to dig up the case or not, that is up to them.

    + I have finished my work.

    Greetings from Spain.

  8. Hello from Spain:

    + I have found more information about life and death of Ricky McCormick.

    + A newspaper article titled:
    "Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death?"
    By Christopher Tritto,published: June 14, 2012.


    + Christopher Tritto is a freelance journalist with a focus on long-form narratives and investigative reporting.

    + If I read it correctly, it appears that the FBI and the police lied to the McCormick family, and everyone in St Louis thought he was an idiot.

    + But as I suspected there is a related unsolved murder Mccormick, or rather, with the gas station where he worked McCormick. I thought the fourth sign of the line 12 of the note meant a THORN, but it seems that may mean HAMDALLAH in geometric shorthand.


    + I suspect that if someone finds it buried the suitcase, you can also find some evidence of the unsolved murder of someone named ELROE CARR.

    + Perhaps the police and the FBI lied to the family because they believed they were related to death, but the suspects were different.

    Bye from Spain.

  9. Kudos from Bunk. I updated my 31MAR11 post with links, and sent Christopher Tritto a heads up.

  10. Hello Mr Bennet:

    + In the first comment, a year ago, I wrote: "I would like to work with you in what seems good before Obama returns to Jerusalem."

    Now I can explain more.

    This is what I expected:
    + Obama will go to Israel at Spring (Easter) according to Associated Press

    This will be the last moment of glory for Obama.

    And will end the world we knew.

    Now I am worried about the health of Ray Mabus and the path of Comet ISON

    Goodbye from Spain.

  11. I am not big into conspiracy theories (or conspiracy theorists), but I have to give due respect to JOSEPH from SPAIN's skills in analyzing what I call "data exhaust." After all, he cracked the FBI-posed code written by murder victim Ricky McCormick as this original post shows. To put things into context, the reference by JOSEPH of SPAIN to Ray Mabus seems to fit another conspiracy theorist:

    Anybody else sending me the above comment would have been deleted out of hand. But JOSEPH from SPAIN deserves the courtesy of my posting his "grokking" of current events. Joseph old buddy, I don't think you're right on this one, and I certainly hope you are NOT right. Contrary to what the conservative right in the US says, I don't think President Obama is the anti-Christ.

  12. Hello Mr Bennett

    +I do not think Obama is the antichrist.

    +For me now Obama is just a person who is in a historic moment that can be very important.

    +I discovered the existence of someone named "Mabus", through the blog of a former submariner:

    +Plus a special comet approaches the earth says National Geographic:

    I'm only interested in facts:

    1) Someone named Mabus coincides in time and space with the appearance of a spectacular comet. like a Nostradamus quatrain:

    Century 2 - Quatrain 62. Old French:
    Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra
    De gens & bestes une horrible defaite
    Puis tout à coup la vengence on verra
    Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

    Century 2 - Quatrain 62. Possible English Traslation:
    Mabus then will soon die, there will come
    Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
    Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
    Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

    Maybe it's a remarkable coincidence.

    2) In the second dream of Jean Dixon a star appears on the head of someone very attractive to people. And the star grows and grows ...

    Of course there are false prophets, here is an example:

    How can we differentiate a true prophecy from a false prophecy?
    See DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.

    21 And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken?

    22 When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.

    + Again, I do not think Obama is the antichrist. It is an important political, which unfortunately, from his upcoming visit to Israel everything will go wrong.

    I interpret differently the two Jeane Dixon's dream:

    +And Obama really going to israel at Sprig (Easter) and will be received in praise of crowds, and driving his vehicle or "beast" (A poor imitation of the life of Jesus Christ).

    +I'm just interested in the facts.

    Yours sincerely. Joseph.

  13. Apologies to JOSEPH from SPAIN for mischaracterizing his view toward President Obama. I wonder what the Israeli Prime Minister thinks.


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