Friday, October 28, 2011

Duqu is one step closer to The Perfect Virus

I've been using my "top secret" Twitter analytics feed to track down technical analyses of the Duqu virus which some call "Son of Stuxnet." Based upon that information, I have upgraded my Stuxnet-Zeus/SpyEye report card to include all that I can now "grok" about Duqu (click here). The full 22 principles that I postulate for The Perfect Virus are found HERE. To summarize where Duqu trumps Stuxnet:

  1. It looks like Duqu has a decent command and control system that allows more complete oversight.
  2. Duqu appears to trump Stuxnet in Feral Fertility (Perfect Virus principle #2).
  3. Seamless migration partial-kudos to Duqu, since no one can figure out how it propagates. 
  4. Duqu is at least stealthy enough to evade capture and dissection of the initial infection module. Stuxnet got partial credit for stealth, but Duqu is still a mystery. Hence, it gets full credit as of today's date.
A number of Duqu's partial-credit scores could well get them full credit, especially in Self Awareness (TPV principle #3). Guaranteed, though, nobody knows anything about Black Box Portability (TVP principle 7), which is just jim cracking dandy, since that is the characteristic that turns a virus into the truly Perfect Virus. And Black Box Portability is the technology driving my next novel, currently in progress.

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