Monday, October 10, 2011

Predator infected; SCADA hacked; NYSE still standing

Two seemingly unrelated contrails triggered my analytics warning system:
  1. AP reported Sunday (from Wired Magazine and finally picked up by CNN) that a computer virus has hit the military drone program.
  2. Italian researcher has disclosed "several zero-day vulnerabilities in SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems."
Combine this "data exhaust" with my July 28th assertion that "Stuxnet payback will be a b*tch!" and you might start battening down the hatches. Conclusion: No longer will you hear you child say, "Momma, why is the car doing this?" as the new family minivan stops dead in the middle of a busy freeway due to a virus-infected CD in your audio player. The following out-of-the-mouths-of-babes statements might now become relevant:
  • "Momma, this elevator seems to be stuck, and I'm having trouble breathing."
  • "Momma, why did that airplane blow up the car ahead of us?"
You think the whacky clowns at Anonymous infected the military drone program? Get serious. A bunch of low-tech anarchists whose top tricks are DDoD or SQL-injection attacks are not up to this one. They couldn't even blitz all the DNS (Domain Name Servers) hardware to make good on their threat to erase the NYSE today (see my story here). Yep, all pants and no leg.

It takes government-level resources and something more closely approximating The Perfect Virus to hack our Predator program. One of last week's headlines is that U.S. lawmakers question cloud security. How about real clouds? The ones over the capitol? 

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