Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NYSE to be "erased" on October 10th?

Adolescent hubris tends to cheapen your "brand" when you fail to deliver on promises/threats. Simply put, no way in Hell is Anonymous going to "erase" the NYSE on October 10th (see PC Mag story). Alas, anarchists are like proverbial women: "Ya can't live with 'em; ya can't live without 'em."

My advice to Anonymous: Never EVER make threats you don't have locked and loaded (ie; already installed trojans, data bombs and other malware). I once debated the head of the New York chapter of the ACLU on the McNeil-Lehrer report (a national nightly news program). I'd invented a voice stress analyzer, and the ACLU claimed my product was an invasion of privacy. I actually agreed with them on the air. Stunned, everyone just blinked at me, incredulous that I'd make their case. So I subsequently added, "But if my device is declared illegal, I'll simply place an ad in a national newspaper and show how anyone can a voice stress analyzer from about $300 of Radio Shack parts). Several viewers subsequently commented to me that they could actually see the rush of pus hit the ACLU flack's brain. In short, my threat was specific and credible.

But to erase the NYSE? Come on, guys! Go take a bicycle ride. You're spending WAY too much time in the bat cave.

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