Monday, October 17, 2011

Secret weapon no longer a secret

As I indicated in my last posting, I will only use this blog for major announcements. Today qualifies. I have previously talked about a "secret weapon" I was using. In this morning's USA TODAY newspaper, Quantum Leap Innovations has come out of the dark with a full-page ad (see the full PDF yourself by clicking here).

I've been experimenting with a social media analytics dashboard that I keep running on my desktop. Not only does it give me trending data long before even the online news organizations get their teeth into a story, but it quickly flags posers who are "gaming" the system in their attempts to sway sentiment analysis or to trigger a viral movement. IMHO, every desktop in the world should have their own social media analytics dashboard customized with the topics of interest to each user. I'll keep you posted on the availability of such a product. In the meantime, I predict that pattern based analytics will be an indispensable tool to anyone interested in…well…predicting the next big surprise in their lives.

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