Thursday, October 6, 2011

Military sci-fi: Weber hits another home run

If you search my previous articles for "sci-fi" or "military science fiction" (enter your search on the left), you'll see a consistent theme throughout. Namely, The Perfect Virus is rather uncannily anticipated by David Drake, David Weber, John Ringo, Piers Anthony, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, and my old friend Frank Herbert.  I highly recommend David Weber's Out of the Dark (from Tor and Tom Doherty), a novel about an alien invasion. This book should earn this prolific sci-fi author his PhD in anthropology, because it's a flawless doctoral dissertation on the nature of mankind.

So all you Anonymous guys dreaming about erasing the NYSE on October 10th, read Out of the Dark and then waltz on down to the bat cave and attack the job with new creativity. Not that I'm advocating this as a worthy goal, but if a few anarchists from around the world start doing the inevitable, maybe Congress will seriously consider a coherent cybercrime strategy.

Back to David Weber. Out of the Dark is an absolute knee-slapper, depicting a pack-oriented alien race absolutely breaking their picks trying to get human beings to surrender. In a final frustration, their fleet commander muses to himself, "Anybody who ever met a human would understand the galaxy could only be an enormously better place without any of them in it." Take heart, my Anonymous anarchists. You're having the same general effect on the establishment as the humans had on Weber's aliens.

So it is with profound pleasure that I award David Weber his Doctor of Anthropology degree from MDU (that's Morgan Doctrine University). May you…live long and prosper…and only use your power for good.


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