Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NYTimes Passion + Google Zombies = Cyber Privateers

Today's New York Times story "Cybersecurity at risk" (see here) passionately suggests we need a solution. Unfortunately, their ignorance of the real issue makes their support of current legislation laughable. However, there is a synthesis of ideas that they should consider: Google's "Kill Zombies and Get a Job" program (see article here). Aren't cyber intruders the metaphorical equivalent of honest-to-goodness real-life zombies? So with due respect to the well-meaning but flatulently ignorant editors at the New York Times, licensed and bonded cyber privateers (Zombiekillers, if you will) really turn the financial equation on its head and make for a sustainable, scalable, damn near foolproof mechanism. Come on Times! Playing defense only (holding hands and singing Kumbaya) while we wait for a bunch of bureaucrats to reach consensus is NOT a solution that stands the remotest chance of success.

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