Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Data Exhaust: Romney's Life is in Danger

While only one passing mention of cyber security came up in last night's presidential debate (Romney mentioned Chinese cyber attacks in a compound sentence), my handy-dandy Quantum Leap Buzz social media analytics notification came alive with Obama supporters actually making threats on Romney's life. I'm rather surprised the news hasn't covered this. Then again, social media analytics is constantly putting me onto trending stories that NEVER make mainstream media newscasts. Below is my "buzz furball" for the "kill Romney" movement.
Hopefully SOMEBODY in the Secret Service candidate protection detail is paying attention. I now return to my regularly scheduled Cyber Privateer dialogue.


  1. Hello
    This is very serious.

    Whether true or false threaten someone's life is evil.

    I've just found something related about threats from the extreme left in foxnews:

    The problem is to differentiate between a murderer or an angry person among multiple reports.

    But if Obama wins, as I hope, Romney should become another historical figure in the history books and nothing else.

    I do not know how you can find another Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. or Sirhan Bishara Sirhan but someone should do something, there should be some filter.


  2. Joseph, thanks for your note. My Buzz analytics engine keeps telling me Romney will win (I'm zeroing in on Ohio only right now). I get hourly "money ball breakdowns" of sentiment. We'll see in a few days whether or not I'm smoking my lunch. I also hope Romney's Secret Service detail is top rate, because there are some VERY angry lefties out there.

    Best to you in Spain. And thanks again for the note.

  3. Hello.

    Now Romney is just a chapter of American history and no jackal has tried to kill him.

    Now I hope that Obama is going to Jerusalem.

    But there are things I do not understand:
    Is the Fox news is correct? Is the United States is so racially divided?

    When I chose months ago as a possible electoral ticket Romney/Santorum, I became aware that in Twitter was the favorite Ron Paul. I think people who use twitter is usually left. There is a bias.

    I do not understand the history of the CIA chief, Petraeus, Obama should know all for months. A spy story seems old fashioned. And the story of Benghazi is very strange, Italy and its military bases are very close.

    Could this be another Watergate as O Reilly says?

    If counterespionage services can not avoid enemy attacks in the old style how can prevent modern cyber attacks?

    Do we need to think about the day after the attack?
    Allow the attack and protect the aircraft carrier as was done in Midway 1941.

  4. IMHO, answers to your many thoughtful questions are:

    My bet is that Obama will NOT go to Jerusalem. I do not think the US is racially divided as much as we are a nation of self-defined demographic voters. Jury is out on the CIA and Petraeus. And finally, Benghazi could well be another Watergate.

    Net net: We probably don't have the will to do what it will take to prevent cyber attacks. Luckily, the Senate killed the cybercrime bill. And heck, Network Solutions just endured another DD0S attack without figuring it out, and they are much more Internet savvy that any security firm in the marketplace. If they couldn't thwart the attack, then we are all doomed. Unless of course some country in the world…any country…embraces The Morgan Doctrine.


Implementation suggestions for THE MORGAN DOCTRINE are most welcome. What are the "Got'chas!"? What questions would some future Cyber Privateering Czar have to answer about this in a Senate confirmation hearing?