Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laugh for The Day: Yahoo Takes Aim at Gmail

You've got to hand it to the PR flacks at Yahoo. The Time Magazine Techland headline (read the full story here) reads: "Yahoo Revamps Email in Bid to Catch Up With Gmail." It's like Yahoo has a chance to catch up with anybody, given their horrible security track record. I have yet to get spam or malware from someone whose Gmail account has been hacked. Yet I get many such emails each day from friends (and former friends who are now dead) on Yahoo. The likelihood of Yahoo doing anything to close the gap with Gmail is on a par with North Korea declaring and winning a war against…oh, let me think of a good one…Katmandu. Ok, make it Taiwan. Or Philadelphia. That's it! Philadelphia. "I Kim Jong Un hereby claim this here Liberty Bell…Wahoo!" No, that's "Yahoo!" you idiot.

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