Monday, January 7, 2013

So-called "Experts" Recommend Deception and NOT Counterattack.

It didn't take long for the stupidest thought of the new year to emerge. Today's Network World story (see it here) has the headline: "Thinking of a counterattack? Deception is better, say experts." Alas, the "experts" rationale is yet another defense-only concoction guaranteed to fail:
There is no such thing as a bulletproof firewall against digital attacks. And it's risky, and probably illegal, to "hack back," or try to launch preemptive strikes against attackers who are trying to steal your intellectual property or the identities and confidential information of your customers and employees.
I added the red to the above quote. Hell yes it's illegal! So we have yet another offhand justification for the status quo? When the heck is someone going to whack Congress in the side of the head and let us take off the kid gloves. Licensed and bonded cyber privateering could be the big money industry of this still-young decade.

The other last-of-the-stupid headlines of 2012 came on Christmas Day from the New York Times with the headine: "Iran suggests attacks on computer systems came from the U.S. and Israel" (see story here). The word "suggests" (which I put in red) is the knee slapper. Since the administration actually bragged about it before the election, I think the word "suggests" is just silly.

Okay, I'll now turn the network over to your regularly scheduled programming.

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