Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Data Exhaust: Jihadists Turn from Sochi to Kiev?

Given the realization that the Russians would probably overreact to a Sochi terrorist incident, I'm reading between the lines of my analytics feed and wondering if a few jihadists are somehow a catalyst in Kiev. I had a buddy once who could walk into a bar and provoke a massive slugfest without himself ever throwing a punch. I called him The Human Catalyst. What better way to embarrass Putin and Russia than foment a blowup 800 miles away from Sochi? My BUZZ analysis of the social media for the last week indicates that this is indeed the case. Since the first story is seldom the right story, I'm anxious to see if the next few days or weeks will reveal a Jihadist Catalyst in Kiev. There are enough "smoking guns" there. Now, lets dig a little deeper.

On January 29th (see it here), I posted the story of my friend Bob Berger as he climbed Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus mountains not far from Sochi. An Iranian videographer taunted the American climbers with, "Amereeekans. Amereeekans. Say something to the  pipple of Irrraaaann."

My very diplomatic friend (who by the way reached the summit of Mt. Everest in 2012), walked up to the Iranian and said, "Go solar. We'll all be better off."

Bob then reported that the man put down his camera, shook his hand, and said, "Thank you Amereeekan. You are right."

I promised Bob I'd post the photo of the Iranian if he could cull it from his box of mementos, and he sent it to me:
Iranian taunting Bob Berger is second from right. Bob is taking the man's photo.
I included Bob's story again because the social media is absolutely polarized with rhetoric. Maybe we need a few less one-liner zingers motivated by agenda-laden rhetoric, and a few more Bob Bergers leapfrogging today's problems with tomorrow's solutions.

We now return to my agenda-laden denunciation of our defense-only cybersecurity mentality. Hint:  Buy my novel Daddy's Little Felons and privatize world peace.


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