Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Israel, The Last Great Hope for Worldwide Cyber Security?

Three years ago (read my article here), I gave eight reasons why Israel should become the first cyber privateer haven. Data exhaust from today indicates that the Israelis might just be our last chance for coherent worldwide cyber security.The data points:
  1. Computerworld estimates worldwide cybercrime losses now exceed $400 billion (read their story here).
  2. The New York Times verifies massive institutionalized Chinese cybertheft (see the story here).
  3. On June 2nd, the New York Times essentially verified that the complete U.S. strategy for dealing with cybercrime is to continue playing a defense-only game (see the story here) with DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) holding a contest to see which genius can come up with technology to detect intrusions and close the doors on the fly (Was that Vince Lombardi shrieking from his grave?)
All the superpowers are playing the cyberspy-vs-cyberspy "plausible deniability" game. The U.S. is telling China, "We only spy on your government, not your businesses." To which China replies, "Give us a break!" The Russians are at least smart enough to go where the money is with some pretty sophisticated cyberthievery. The Brits are keeping their mouths shut and plodding along to create the world's biggest CCTV police state. The French are keeping their mouths shut. The Germans are assuming all their cellphone conversations are being personally monitored by Barak Obama himself. Australia, a nation I thought could host licensed and bonded cyber privateers because of their remoteness, seems to be more concerned with shutting down their home-grown hacker community. South Korea won't do anything to jeopardize the missile defense shield they want from the U.S. North Korea is playing the "Hey-is-THIS-crazy-enough-for-ya?" game. The only purpose being served by Islamic countries is to get the blame for what in reality are false-flag operations created by the big boys (ie; The Syrian Electronic Army). And Japan seems to have lost the national self confidence to do much of anything. That leaves…drum roll…Israel.

It's time for Israel to step up to a foreordination that's been in The Books for thousands of years.


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