Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Russians Are Better Chess Players Than I Am!

On July 24th, I predicted that the Russians would retaliate for sanctions against them for their Ukrainian adventures by hitting the vulnerable U.S. power grid (see my article here). Silly me. If we muck with their economy, they want to less-than-subtly muck with ours (see Friday's New York Times story here). Like the apocryphal Willie Sutton quote, "You go where the money is." Silly me. The U.S. power grid is several steps down on Russia's hit list.

To quote one of the smartest people I know:
"It could be we're developing a kind of warfare like 17th & 18th Century privateering."
Yet another nod that it might be time for licensed and bonded cyber privateers?

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  1. Hello Mr Bennett

    We can always remember the Fischer chess match in Iceland$$.htm

    William Lombardy, Fischer's second, later remarked that he could not understand how Spassky could endure Fischer's behavior for even a single game. Realizing that their genial star was being beaten, the Soviet authorities attempted to recall Spassky back to Moscow. He resisted on sporting grounds.

    Efim Geller, Spassky's chief second, accused Fischer of using unethical means to disturb Spassky's concentration. During the night Icelandic police swept the playing hall for electronic devices. They found two dead flies in the lighting system.

    Absolute safety does not exist and historical lessons must be learned


Implementation suggestions for THE MORGAN DOCTRINE are most welcome. What are the "Got'chas!"? What questions would some future Cyber Privateering Czar have to answer about this in a Senate confirmation hearing?