Monday, July 25, 2016

#MyDinnerWithTrump: The 2016 TIME Person of the Year Will Release Hillary's Hacked Emails

You just know that one of the above three national leaders have archived Hillary Clinton's emails. Here's my unapologetic attempt to win a dinner with Donald Trump, and personally give him a copy of my novel Daddy's Little Felons (a fictional account of how cyber privateering could become the next big growth industry and turn cyber security into a profit center for the U.S. Treasury Department). Not only could this posting win me a coveted dinner with Donald J. Trump, but it could actually get him elected POTUS. Because one of the above three leaders— Bibi Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin, or Kim Jung Un—could put him over the top by revealing the foreign governments had full access to Hillary Clinton's private email servers during her time as the U.S. Secretary of State.

And even if I don't win a dinner with Mr. Trump, I strongly advise his campaign to reach out to the above three leaders and…work a deal. It doesn't even have to be a secret deal. In fact, it shouldn't. Unlike the Iranian nuclear deal, which had secret components, the Hillary Email Deal should be completely public and above board. No secrets. Complete transparency.

Sure, foreign governments aren't allowed to make cash political contributions to U.S. presidential elections. But what's to keep them from casting a strong vote in the 2016 election for POTUS? A public vote, unless…

Okay, as the campaign nears completion and we get close to November, I can see why Israel or Russia might not want to release the emails if Hillary Clinton has an overwhelming lead in the polls. Those emails would be a much better private bargaining chip to use with President Hillary. And who knows just how many points release of the emails would gain Donald Trump. In that case, I propose…

…A False Flag Operation. Give the emails to Kim Jung Un of North Korea, and let him take the heat. You know he would relish the thought of making national headlines. In fact, his advocates in China might just consider giving him their copies of the emails. Sooner than later.

If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Bibi and Israel. Reason? They're fighting for their very existence, and the Iran nuclear deal puts that existence at risk.

Heck, if one of the above governments would send them to me, I'D RELEASE THEM IF DONALD TRUMP WOULD GUARANTEE IN ADVANCE AND PUBLICLY TO PARDON ME. 

What's YOUR bet? Comment below.

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