Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meet the Immortal Cyberpunk, the Real DESTROYING ANGEL, Free Until October 21st

Free Kindle Download of DESTROYING ANGEL
My novel Destroying Angel just went on the Free Kindle list for the next 4 days. Check it out.

A VERY old hacker named BJ meets a computer genius who calls herself Black Madonna and who speaks only in palindromes—sentences that read the same backward as they do forward. Black Madonna has created an A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) entity called Black Dragon, and BJ must protect the enigmatic Jonathan and the nucleus of savant women unleashed by Jonathan's special gift from the diabolical Father Love, who is trying to control Black Madonna and her Black Dragon. Over a six-day period, BJ learns that he's been groomed lo these many years to become…The Destroying Angel.

Science fiction author Jerry Pournelle calls Destroying Angel a "tour de force." The late Frank Herbert (author of Dune) convinced ME to run for Congress in 1978. Luckily I lost, because I then went into guerrilla warfare advertising. My one-man ad agency took Larry Ellison and Oracle from $15 million to over $1 billion in sales. I also also did the pre-IPO assault on Siebel for Marc Benioff's Salesforce.com. Destroying Angel is guerrilla warfare of another sort.

At the end of the first day, it was in the top-100 Kindle Free Books and ranked #2 in Crime.

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