Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hacking Bicycle Race Performance…LEGALLY

Okay, if Lance Armstrong had used this technology, he wouldn't have had to cheat in the Tour de France.

My friend of 25 years, Dr. Greg Anderson, and his partner Dale Gledhill, have patented and put into production the Nimbus Performance wristband. I daresay that if Lance Armstrong had had one of these, he wouldn't have had to cheat in the Tour de France. Right now, the BYU Football team is wearing them, and they're being used in a major study of auto-immune diseases. Time will tell, but I'm seeing results already on my bicycle.

Okay, here's how it works. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body. When they "stack" together, they don't carry so much oxygen. But wearing a pulsing magnet wristband that turns on every half hour for seven minutes, the red blood cells repel each other. Thus, they carry oxygen more efficiently. Here's my before-and-after red-cell images taken two weeks apart:

Notice the stacked cells on the left. But just two weeks later, notice the even distribution of the little oxygen-carrying miracles! I wear my Nimbus twelve hours a day. My wife wears hers at night, since the cosmetic value of the image is about zero (Women, go figure!).

So far, I've noticed three changes in my life. First, my feet don't get cold at night. I'm told that single red cells can get into the smaller veins. Second, I don't need an afternoon power nap. But the most important benefit is the third one: I don't wheeze after racing my buddies to the top of a hill on my bicycle. As POTUS might say, THAT'S HUGE! My seven-decades-old carcass blows by much younger riders as I climb the mountain to my house.

Electro-magnetic pulsing is not a new idea. My bicycling buddy Dr. Anderson has used a big pulsing magnetic boot for years for therapy on badly broken ankles. Over time, he noticed that the tissue and bone around the break were not only very healthy, but that the bone really healed fast and strong. He shared this with his neighbor, electronics whiz Dale Gledhill, and the idea was born.

This weekend, I'm flying to Seattle to help my dad celebrate his 95th birthday. Mom's alive and well at 93. So I have good genes. But Mom, Dad and I have multiple heart stents. Thank Heaven for modern medicine. I'm thinking that I DO NOT want clumps of red blood cells blocking up my heart. Dr. Anderson thinks this is an added plus. Not only can I beat much younger riders on long bike races, but my heart (which currently houses six stents) will thank me, too.

I got my wife a Nimbus because she has multiple sclerosis. It's been well controlled for over two decades thanks to (current price) $7,000-a-month pharmaceuticals. One theory on MS is that blood from the brain can't drain properly down the back of the neck. Medical tourists have been going to places like Costa Rica to have actual stents put into the back of their necks. We have not wanted to take that risk, and the Nimbus device might just solve that problem. Then again, it might not. So I'll keep giving a fortune to the pharmaceutical companies until the extensive test results on auto-immune patients are in.

The Nimbus device and charger cost a mere $249. Their website has been in stealth mode but went live today. Check it out: https://nimbusperformance.com/cm2-technology/

Oh, and full disclosure. I am not in business with these guys. I don't have any stock. I paid full price for mine and my wife's units. The last guy I passed riding my bicycle up the hill, I said he should get used to the view. When he asked what view, I said, "My rear end."

Sometimes I crack myself up.

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