Monday, February 4, 2019

The First Live SCAM Call of 2019

Never say "Hello" or "Yes" on blocked incoming phone calls. Normally, I never answer them. When I do, I say "Speak!" For some reason, the robo-dialers don't register the word and don't connect. Here's my first live scammer of 2019. Another rule: When the caller says, "This is your oldest grandson," don't blurt out the name of your oldest grandson. Here's my masterful handling of this scam caller. Forgive my profanity at the end. To my credit, I didn't use the "F" word. Just the "S" word. Damn, I set a goal not to use profanity in 2019. Oops, that's two, counting the Damn. Eek, that's three now. WTF. Okay, here's the conversation. My rule for personal development: I don't count the number of curses multiplied by the number of people who view the following:

Yep, they're alive and well out there.

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