Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Australia not the least bit PC concerning China cyber threats

This New York Times story pretty well sums up the continuing world concern over China's continuing threat to the cyber world. Looks like Huawei will not be allowed to bid on Australia's $38 billion nationwide broadband network. Thirteen months ago, I suggested a way for Huawei (and China) to get out ahead of this dilemma (see here). A month before that I even got poetic about China attacks on my Linux server (see here). And on 11 November 2010, I even published the IP addresses of Chinese attack servers (see here).

The good news in all this? Globalization has made China and the United States rather co-dependent on many levels. But the bad news is that Australia can't truly use the same umbrella of protection. Which is why their terribly politically incorrect "bearding of the lion in his own den" could have consequences. So maybe my 27 October 2010 premise that Australia could get first-mover advantage as a sponsor for licensed and bonded cyber privateers (see my story here) might get some new legs.

Dear Australia: I have said before (see here), simply "playing defense" is a surefire guarantee you will eventually lose the war.

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