Friday, March 9, 2012

Duqu "alien architecture" still a mystery

As I wrote on January 7th, the Duqu virus seems to spring out of the guts of target computers like an Alien monster. That's probably because it was created with an alien architecture. In today's Computerworld Security online alert, a telling paragraph raises a question that seems to have an obvious answer:
"When we checked Duqu it looked totally unknown and that was very curious, because it's unclear why something very custom was developed and used," said Vitaly Kamluk, chief malware expert with Kaspersky Lab's global research & analysis team.
The key statement: "…it's unclear why something very custom was developed and used…" Nothing unclear about it. As I've said on repeated occasions, the Holy Grail of the perfect virus is principle #7, Black Box Portability. Net net:

  1. A "Black Box" is an alien architecture.
  2. An alien architecture will take government-level resources to develop and maintain and evolve.
  3. The vision of cracking all future architectures is critical to future world dominance.
Given Joseph from Spain's previous success in unravelling a mystery the FBI's "best and brightest" couldn't hack, maybe he'll come up with an answer to this conundrum. Who is the architect and what is the alien architecture? Joseph? Answers?


  1. hello.

    -In my humble opinion there is a third player who has not valued their game:

    -SIEMENS AG is a German company
    -SIEMENS has not protested the sabotage of their equipment.
    -SIEMENS AG not only has sold centrifuges to Iran.
    -SIEMENS AG sold equipment to Iran to control Iranian comunications.
    -SIEMENS AG has interest in other countries muchmore important.

    +That is, SIEMENS knows how to get in and out of Iran. This is something that the Pentagon fears of China:

    Information from THE WASHINGTON TIMES:

    -"SIEMENS riks losses due to iran ties"
    -July 17, 2009.

    -"Pentagon fears listening post from China"
    -September 1,2011.

    + The "very special" relationship between Iran and Siemens also is treated by the economic newspaper "The Wall Street Journal (Business Europe)", that can explain all or part of what happened:

    -"Siemens business surges in Iran"
    -April 5, 2011.

    -SIEMENS AG know the equipment that they sell and manufacture, and know their weaknesses, programming and "virtues" better than anyone.

    +My money is on an alliance between SIEMENS AG and the U.S.


  2. Interesting take. A contrarian point of view is that some Siemens employee with technical expertise is feeding US Intelligence some information. The fact that Siemens is continuing to do business in Iran indicates that some neo-Nazi faction in Siemens has struck a responsive chord with the destroy-Israel mentality in Iranian leadership. Hence, my take is no SiemensAG/US alliance.

  3. Hello
    -I add three reasons:

    1)- I read a report of Kaspersky lab expert ( called "The mystery of Duqu - part six - The command and control servers" and i seem to understand that the origin of Duqu is in Germany.

    2)- Where better to test the "stuxnet operation" in facilities, equipment and techniciens from SIEMENS?
    or use a military U.S. Base in Germany near of SIEMENS?

    3)- Siemens can make more money under the protection of the United States that under Iranian protection.

    Is a simply matter of business for SIEMENS.


  4. Ah Joseph from Spain, I see you are hooked and into the hunt. Can't wait to see your next breakthrough. You made monkeys out of the FBI's "best and brightest." Can't wait to see what you do tracking down Duqu's "alien architecture."

  5. Hello:

    ---It is necessary to recall certain facts from the past, part one:


    + At the end of WW II Germany was divided into 4 pieces and each piece had an intelligence organization; logically,this situation was chaotic and spies, allies or not, are mutually hindered.

    + U S creates a organization of spying for Germany which received the name of their leader General Reinhard Gehlen: THe Gehlen Organization.

    + He was a German army´s military intelligence in charge of work on the Russian front. Gehlen admired the leader of ABWHER, Admiral Canaris, and wanted a German secret service to serve German interests. Some members of various security organizations of the Third Reich joined the new organization, and despite his past were assigned to the foreigner and welcomed by governments in Africa and Middle East.

    + The funding for the organization came from the U S and supplies of the U S Army and special agreements with German Companies, which provided specialized equipment: Special machinery for special tasks....

    + The creation of the German Federal Republic led to the integration of allied intelligence organizations in a German organization led by Gehlen, who rejected the saboteurs and murderers (as did the Admiral Canaris) and pretended to build a German intelligence organization for German interests... until late 1968 then the policians and state officials came to control the Federal Information Service (BND - Bundesnachrichtendienst)-

    + For these historical reasons i think that the U S intelligence services ended up controlling the German Intelligence service and help of German companies like SIEMENS.

    + For more information:
    "The Service. The memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen"
    By Reinhard Gehlen.
    -The World Publishing Company. New york 1972.

    End part one.

  6. Hello

    ---It is necessary to recall certain facts from the past, part two.


    + On December 15, 2008, with a written confession in Federal Court of the U S, SIEMENS admitted having commited a wide range of criminal behavior in different parts of the World. In Argentina he dedicated an entire chapter, in which he acknowledged having paid more than $ 105 million in bribes to officials of the governments of Carlos Menem, Fernando de la Rua and Eduardo Duhalde.

    + According to the S E C SIEMENS admitted paying bribes to foreign officials in connection with a least 290 projects or individual sales in Venezuela, China, Israel, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Argentina, Vietnam, Russia and Mexico.

    + Is it bad for a Company?
    + It seems that it is not according to WSJ:

    Shrugging off bribery case, SIEMENS gains favor in US
    - From "The Wall Street Journal, Business"
    - December 15, 2011

    + When Argentina suspended the contract for SIEMENS the German government began to support explicity the company and the matter was mentioned in all the meetings held German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder both Argentina Presidents; and maintain a hard line on Argentina in the International Monetary Found (IMF)

    + SIEMENS, after signing an agreement with the Department of Justice and U S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agreed to pay a fine about 1400 million dollars. And august 2009 SIEMENS decided to drop its lawsuit against Argentina in ICSID.

    + Now, also despite the legal battle against the state, SIEMENS maintened its operations in Argentina. Even continued contracting with the State under President Nestor Kirchner and wife (now widow), as the construction of 2 combined cycle plants for electricity generation.

    + SIEMENS has something very, very spscial.

    + For these historical reasons i think SIEMENS has good reason to cooperate with the United States to sabotage their own machines in Iran.

    More information:
    -"The Wall Street Journal" and ""

    End part two.


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