Friday, April 27, 2012

House passes CISPA; The Perfect Storm builds.

On Wednesday I talked about The Perfect Storm forming from Russian-speaking hackers, Chinese cyber militarism and the whacky new religion of Kopimism. What else could breathe energy into that category 5 cyber storm? Jihadists? Iran? North Korea? No, my little cabbage heads. The Internet "planet killer" event was fueled by none other than the US House of Representatives passing CISPA (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, reported HERE by Time Magazine). IMHO, CISPA is a kind of "legislative IQ test" the approval of which disqualifies politicians from future public service. Since it's going to the Senate now, I'll be anxious to see how my guys vote. Utah House member Rob Bishop voted "No," while mental midgets Matheson and Chaffetz proved they were well and truly lobbied (SAIC, Lockheed Martin). Well Senator Hatch? You're up for re-election this year. Hopefully you have someone on your staff who knows bit from shineola.

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