Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prediction: Russian-speakers, China, and Kopimists form The Perfect Storm this summer

It's going to be a hot summer in the cyberverse. Network world reported today (see here) that:
Russian-speaking hackers earned an estimated US$4.5 billion globally using various online criminal tactics and are thus responsible for 36 percent of the estimated total of $12.5 billion earned globally by cybercriminals in 2011, Russian security analyst firm Group-IB said in a report published on Tuesday.
In addition, China stays at the top of my state-sponsored cyber intrusions into anything and everything connected to the Internet. Finally, those zany anarchists have stumbled upon the swell idea of turning hacking into a state-recognized (a la Sweden) religion: Kopimism (see my essay on the process of Rhetorical Wargaming, wherein you can use social and traditional media to test ideas for staying power). Forget about the North Koreans, Iranians or dyed-in-the-wool jihadists. With the world's policy makers stuck in their Maginot-line/we-must-be-in-control mentality of getting all the power mongers around a table to have "their say" in all cyber-attack-escalation decisions (as opposed to having a well-published sub-microsecond response in the can and ready to rain hell on attackers), I predict this is going to be ONE HOT SUMMER.

You know my solution, Grasshopper. Have a nice day.

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