Friday, May 11, 2012

FBI Director Mueller flunks another IQ test

Don't get me wrong. I don't think the Republicans have any better handle on cyber security than the Democrats. That said, FBI Director Mueller has certainly had his share of spectacularly stupid ideas. His latest bumble is this week's testimony (see here) before the House Judiciary Committee and reported by Network World:
[Mueller] took a swipe at the tech industry for "lacking the capability to intercept communications undertaken with their products," or basically offering technologies that can be wiretapped at will, should a major threat to the United States arise.
He's sung this asinine aria before  (see my January 8, 2011 post here) when he asked Silicon Valley to build back doors into the software they export around the world. Talk about putting a "check into the swing" of our world-wide hi-tech sales forces. Who'd want to buy from a country with the stated objective of building spying back doors into it's products? Oh, wait! That's China's policy, too. And look how well it's worked for Huawei (see one of my many Huawei posts here).

As Joseph from Spain has proved (see my last post here), it would seem that the FBI's stupidity rolls downhill.

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