Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stephen Wolfram's NKS holds the key to THE PERFECT VIRUS

Hats off to Stephen Wolfram and his update today (see here) on the future of A New Kind of Science (or NKS). Simply, my own experimentation on Principle #7 of the Perfect Virus (Black Box Portability) strongly suggests that clever use of cellular automata and the extrapolation of Wolfram's concept of computational equivalence are the key to my Holy Grail of Black Box Portability. While I am legally constrained by current cybercrime law, my imagination can still run wild with Einsteinian "thought experiments" that will not get me thrown into a federal prison. So thanks, Stephen. To you, to Piers Anthony whose seminal novel Macroscope gave me a vision of The Perfect Virus, and to my late friend and science fiction author Frank Herbert (Dune) who talked me into running for Congress just so I could get a taste of a future in which politicians should be recognized for the imbeciles they truly are.

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