Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hacking the Human Genome for Fun and Apocalypse

Transhumanist acolyte Ray Kurzweil just gave all the FTW jihadists a blueprint for ending life as we know it on earth in today's newsletter. Of course, he can claim he was just reporting on a published report (see the Kurzweil newsletter here). Naturally, partial funding for this "Fast new, one-step genetic engineering technology" project came from…the China Scholarship Council. Yep, those whacky Chinese are hacking everything in site, including non-vonNeumann biological mechanisms. Key quotes in the article:
They describe development and successful laboratory tests of clonetegration in E. coli and Salmonella typhimurium bacteria, which are used in biotechnology. The method is quick, efficient and easy to do and can integrate multiple genes at the same time. They predict that clonetegration “will become a valuable technique facilitating genetic engineering with difficult-to-clone sequences and rapid construction of synthetic biological systems.”
The authors acknowledge funding from the China Scholarship Council, the National Science FoundationSynthetic Biology Engineering Research Center, the Human Frontier Science Program, the Australian Research Council and a William H. Elliott Biochemistry Fellowship.
Transhumanism uses the symbol "H+" to describe accelerating human evolution. There's a lot of "H-" (read that as "H-minus") possibility too, courtesy of the mental/physical midget in North Korea, or our fun-loving jihadist friends in the Middle East.

Thanks for sharing, Ray.

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  1. If that's possible..... someone will make that possible.

    It's a nightmare for a man who has a powerful imagination.... but for someone who seeks the eternal life is the easiest way to get replacements for a sick body.Then will not be required cutting up the bodies of those condemned to death to get healthy organs for powerful people in China, the U.S. or wherever.

    This is possible because our governments support the Chinese government's behavior.


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