Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New York Times Story: "U.S. Is Urged to Allow Counterattacks on Hackers"

Former ambassador to China Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. and Dennis C. Blair, Obama's first director of national intelligence, are both urging that the U.S. "…consider giving companies the right to retaliate against cyberattackers with counterstrikes of their own." The story was reported in today's New York Times (see the story here). The great quote of the article:
“China is two-thirds of the intellectual property theft problem, and we are at a point where it is robbing us of innovation to bolster their own industry, at a cost of millions of jobs,” Mr. Huntsman said, with a bluntness that would have been forbidden when he served in Beijing. “We need some realistic policy options that create a real cost for this activity because the Chinese leadership is sensitive to those costs.”    
With such a public policy, maybe my Cyber Privateer Code could be the basis for a real implementation of…The Morgan Doctrine.

Stay tuned.  

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