Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reprise: Huawei walks into a Beltway bar…

Nearly a year and a half ago (specifically on Ocober 11, 2011—see my posting here), I offered $10 to the best shot at completing a joke that begins, "Huawei walks into a Beltway bar…" I didn't have any takers. But thanks to a U.K. Register headline yesterday (see the story here), I'll take my own shot:
Huawei's Richard Yu walks into a Beltway bar and shouts, "Hello, gents. I just wanted to announce that Huawei is acquired the cell phone manufacturing operation of Nokia." He tips his hat and exits the bar, whereupon six Nokia cell phones were unceremoniously dropped into full steins of beer.
Of course, Mr. Yu could make an absolute killing in the stock market if he shorted Nokia stock before making such an announcement. Who knows (or is that "Hu knows?"), but maybe Mr. Yu already did this before he talked to the reporter at his P6 announcement in London. Below is Nokia stock trading in today's aftermath:

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