Friday, June 14, 2013

The Trouble with PRISM

The trouble with our PRISM spying operation is, as illustrated in yesterday's Register article (see it here), is that it was SECRET. Which means that Snowden's assertion that we'd hacked the Chinese since 2009 would inevitably come out and undermine our foreign policy. It certainly wasn't secret from the Chinese. Or the Russians. Or the Iranians. No Grasshopper. It was just secret from the American public. Had our public policy been The Morgan Doctrine, then public Rules of Engagement (ROE) would have saved us a lot of embarrassment. Of course, it would have caused the "Beltway Bandits" serious revenue shortfalls, because we'd have made counter-hacking a money crop for the federal government, instead of the money pit it now is. Once again, let my "voice crying from the wilderness" suggest adherence to The Cyber Privateer Code of Conduct (read it here).

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  1. Everyone spy someone.

    It is the "Tournament of Shadows" or "The great game".

    +The Great Game was a term for the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. the term has continued in use to describe the geopolitical machinations of the Great Powers and regional powers as they vie for geopolitical power and influence .

    + In this game you can not be exposed and embarrassed publicly.

    + Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” thinks there’s a strong possibility Snowden could be playing for both sides.
    “He changed the global narrative of China hacking into the U.S. to the American government going after one of its own,”

    “That really derailed Obama’s whole talk about cyber security,” he said, adding, “the most rrecent revelations have been about operational details of the NSA spying on Hong Kong and China. This only helps Beijing.”

    Read more:

    + Obama and the United States have been publicly humiliated. China has shown its power or knowledge while the Chinese president visited the country. This can not be hidden and it is not an accident or coincidence.

    + The death of JUDAS ISCARIOT could repair this damage?


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