Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dystopian Data Exhaust: The Feds Are The Problem, not Snowden

Three headlines popped up today in my media aggregation analytics dashboard. First, our secret government spying operation is costing cloud vendors billions in sales internatinally (see Register story here). The second story has that very same government trying to come up with incentives for private industry to "spend more money on security" (see Computerworld story here). Finally, EVERYBODY is carring the story of President Obama canceling his summit with Russian President Putin over the granting of asylum to NASA leaker Snowden (see WSJ story here). Perhaps Wikipedia should have a photo of the White House next to their definition of "Dystopia."

The United States of Dystopia is a place where expediency trumps privacy, where secrecy shreds the Constitution, and where government leaders are more interested in saving face than in finding truly workable solutions to clothing the naked emperor of cyber security. I believe my most articulate and terse solution statement was posted on July 22nd (see it here).

Net net is that an openly stated doctrine and independently policed cyber citizenship is the only way to avoid cybergeddon.

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