Saturday, August 3, 2013

Several Hundred of You Took Advantage of This Week's Free Offer

Thank you for taking advantage of my free offer and downloading Daddy's Little Felons this week. Now, how about some feedback? You can even write a review on Amazon. And next to your review will be the note "Amazon Verified Purchase" that lets the world know that you did indeed download the book and know whereof you speak. Note, though, that I have sent several free copies directly to reviewers, whose names will NOT show them as verified purchasers.

I personally think that ebooks with hyperlinks to relevant Web content are just the beginning of a publishing revolution. As ebook readers become smarter, there is no limit to the interactive and computational possibilities an ebook can offer.

But remember, the first and foremost job of a novelist is to entertain. Has this advertising man and closet novelist come out having learned the craft? Let me know. Also, I'm well into the sequel. Stay tuned.

Rick Bennett
August 3, 2013

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