Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anecdote on the State of Internet Trust

When I called Clyde Johnson to confirm he'd won his iPad Mini with Retina Display, I should have immediately identified myself as administering the award from his survey response. Instead, I said, "I'd like to confirm the delivery address for the iPad Mini that you just won."

He said, "Yeah, right."

I immediately realized how I must sound like one of the dozens of telephone scammers that call me every month, so I quickly said, "No, really. You filled out a survey on three thirty-second TV ads for Bingham Memorial Hospital and registered for an iPad drawing. You won. I just want to know where to ship the darn thing."

"Oh!" It suddenly came to him that I was truly on the level, as he remembered the survey.

Which now causes me to muse on what the world would be like, trust wise, if licensed and bonded privateers put a "check" in The Bad Guys' swings with the threat of overwhelming and disproportionate retaliation for misdeeds and thievery.

I'd like that world a lot better than the one we have.

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