Wednesday, December 11, 2013

IRONY: TIME Magazine names Snowden "Runner-Up" for Person of the Year

My comment to the TIME MAGAZINE story (read it here) on Edward Snowden being named runner-up to their Person of the Year says it all:
Nomination makes sense, given TIME's criteria for naming POTY. We are at the nexus of a big national decision and debate on privacy. The alternative to a NSA/PRISM big brother state is total transparency of a publicly articulated doctrine (like The Morgan Doctrine) where licensed and bonded CYBER PRIVATEERS get aggressive with the bad guys and rogue governments. Trouble is, right now the USA and NSA are the biggest culprits and would therefore put all US assets around the world at risk. Ironic, eh?
The first nation that adopts the privatization of worldwide Internet security could become the new Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, not to mention the high-tech goldmine of all goldmines.

Ironic that it couldn't be the USA.

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