Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Modest Suggestion for Google's Gmail Team: SCAM TRIPWIRE

I'm getting more and more scam email from Gmail subscribers. Inasmuch as Google seems to take security much more seriously than do Hotmail or Yahoo, it seems you could do the following:
  1. Identify about 1000 trusted and VERIFIED Google/Gmail/Plus subscribers and set them up with a dashboard to report/catalogue spam/phishing/etc. operations that use Gmail return addresses.
  1. When at least two of your "1000 Warriors" report the same spammer/scammer, immediately disable that account.
Just this week, I've gotten scam/spam from the following Gmail addresses:
  • John Keen – jkeen3000@gmail.com 
  • Adam Kevin – adamkevin1982@gmail.com 
  • Jane Clarke – janeclarke1982@gmail.com
  • Elias Montoya — eliasmmot@gmail.com
Interestingly, I found the first three reported by various other Google users when I…er…Googled them (I was trying to sell my baby grand piano, and the first three are piano scamming specialists). So, since Google is the fountain of all knowledge on the planet (no, I'm not being sarcastic), why not be a leader in helping enforce a healthy "reputation-based" economy?

And my gift to you: www.ScamTripwire.com is available!


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